What I would do on a weekly basis with an 1:1 iPad deployment (Grades 2-5):

Have students...

1. Log into XtraMath every morning for a 2 minute “Race the Teacher” math facts practice. A great time for this would be during morning work routines. (Grades 2-4) (App $4.99, Use a browser like Safari for free.)

2.  Log into Front Row at least three times a week to work on math standards. (Free App)


Log into TenMarks at least three times a week to complete practice tracks related to current standards. (Free App)

3. Blog and/or use Evernote or Google Drive as a writing notebook, eliminating paper completely for writers workshop.

4. Record reading for fluency using Storytown stories, fluency probes, and other passages at least once a week. Apps to use: AudioBoom, Evernote, iTalk, Tellagami, or Educreations. Students should listen to themselves reading and set goals for how they can improve their reading skills by the following week’s recording. Students can keep track of their goals (Fluency Reflection) in a blog article, Evernote, or Google Drive.

5. Create projects, as needed, using different creation Apps like, iMovie, Tellagami, Skitch, Scribble Press, Educreations, StoryKit, Popplet, Toontastic, ComicBook!, Comic Maker, Slides, Keynote and PuppetPals. Then have students post projects or the link to projects onto their blogs. The more active the students are with their blogs, the more parents will visit them. Then your blog can become your electronic newsletter. You can post videos of plays, other special events, photos, and articles about what is happening in the classroom.

6. Take tests, quizzes, and exit slips using Infuse Learning or Socrative, rather than a paper and pencil test. Infuse Learning or Socrative will grade all exams for you, but you do need to create each exam first. Another option is to use Google Classroom or Edmodo for all quizzes and turning in assignments. With Edmodo students can receive immediate feedback on their quiz and you, as the teacher/coach, can have students doing different activities based on the student’s quiz/exit slip results. An easy way to Customize Learning.

7. Use the iPads to enrich learners and differentiate instruction, through different practice and productivity Apps.

8. Cut down on even more paper... have students email you their math message answers and other daily routine work that requires only a short response. Students could use drawing Apps like Skitch, Chalk Pad, Hello Crayon, Whiteboard Lite or Art App Free Apps if the work requires drawings to solve or answer the problem. Students could save the picture/take a screenshot and then email the photo to you or upload to their Google Drive and “share” with you.

9. Use Spelling City to work with spelling words and Robust Vocabulary words at least twice a week.

10. Occasionally create and watch podcasts/videocasts that meet student learning needs, for example a music video teaching about a science concept or a book trailer summarizing a book. Good Apps to watch videos on = Vimeo, YouTube and BrainPopJr. Good Apps to create = iMovie, Educreations, and Splice 

11. Take a screen shot of any work on the iPad that can not be shared within the App and then have students email the screen shot to you, turn it in via Edmodo, add it to their Evernote notes, or their Google Drive Docs.

12. Use PaperPort Notes to annotate on any pdf file.


1. Have students use a selfie for their screen saver and home screen. (Useful for you and students to quickly identify an iPad.)

2. Have students be in charge of keeping their iPad charged. Good rule of thumb... if their iPad is below 50% at the end of the school day they should plug the iPad in to charge. Do not plug in iPads every night. Link to iPad battery tips from Apple - http://www.apple.com/batteries/maximizing-performance/ 

3. Have students run their own software updates and make sure automatic App updates is on. Students should run the software updates before they go to lunch/recess or at the end of the school day so that they can use the iPads during the school day.

4. Create a class SOP for iPads.

Nicole Gleason

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October 8th, 2012


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