We fertilised the raised beds with seaweed to help with the growing of the of the vegetables in the raised beds.

The seaweed is good of fertilising because it is 100% free. It is also really good for if a ton of land needs to be fertilised to get vegetables for a profit. when you pick the vegietables you don't want the profit of your growings to be decreased by buying fertiliser so why not get completely free fertiliser from mother nature herself. It works just as well as normal fertiliser and sometimes the smell of dung fertiliser can make other people think that your land is smelly and can get on there nerves, but with seaweed fertiliser the smell is a lot easier to get use to the smell and the smell is a lot weaker then the smell of dung fertiliser that is and smells like poop.kelp photos.JPGkelp photo.JPG

Machair was the originally and probably the best place to start a farm because there was free fertiliser on a beach up the sand dunes was a perfect piece of land with amazing soil. further up and right beside the perfect piece of soil is water and lots of it. this is good for watering say plants that you are growing to sell at a market and the water is also completely free so that doesn't eat into the budget. So this is just a complete farmland gold mine.

The lesson from this is to reuse, keep and conserve.