Cognitive Ergonomics in Design

Examination Mark: First

Design Ethnography

Fieldwork Report: An Ethnographic Study: Cooking with Friends (Mark: 2:1)


Contemporary Issues in Human Factors and Interactive Systems

Assessed Presentation: The UX Honeycomb & Passenger Experience (Mark: First)

Literature Review: Can the UX Honeycomb Be Applied to the Study of Passenger Experience? (Mark: First)

Horizon Modules

Enabling Technologies

Reflective Exercise: assessment of potential use of introduced technologies during the course of the PhD. (submitted)

Innovation and Technology Transfer

Group Presentation Mark: First

Report: FORTIS Exoskeleton: Evaluation of Commercial Potential (Mark: First)

Innovation and Society

Essay: How Do Cultural Narratives for Emerging Technologies Contribute to the Understanding of Wider Social Contexts of Technological Research? (Mark: First)

Advanced Research Methods and Ethics

Intensive Assessment: presentation on the application of taught research methods to novel case studies (completed successfully)

Global Impacts

Theme Days: Health; Transport; Creative and Cultural; Future Cities

Film-Making Exercise: The Interconnected Mind (based on both utopian/dystopian futures of select technologies)

Practice-Led Project

Research Project: supervised by Dr. James Goulding and Dr. Anya Skatova

Formal Presentation: completed (Mark: First)

Project Report: Investigating Extreme Weight Management Behaviours Using Data Analytics (Mark: 2:1)

PhD. Proposal

Formal Presentations: made in January 2016, and at the Horizon CDT Writing Retreat [30th March - 1st April, 2016]

Proposal Document: versions produced and evaluated in December 2015, March and June, 2016

Year 1 Annual Review: completed successfully on 28th June, 2016


Public Engagement Report: Pint of Science Festival (2016) (completed successfully)


Internship Report: 9-to-5 - blog post (completed successfully)

Digital Economy Network Summer School

Attended: at Newcastle University [17th - 20th July, 2016]

Research and Professional Skills for CDT students Year 2

Report: Reflection exercise on topics covered + training plan for the following years [3rd & 4th May, 2017]


Volunteer with Nottingham Nightline