Though not an actual variety, we are well known for our “Chambersburg peaches”

Franklin County is one of the largest apple producers in Pennsylvania

We’re also the No. 2 dairy producer in the state


We were the only town north of the Mason-Dixon line to be burned by Confederates

Sure, York already drops a rose, but a unique piece of our history is the Rose Rent

Ben Franklin never actually visited here, but we named the county after him

Benjamin Chambers was the founder of Chambersburg


Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe isn’t just famous in Franklin County

It may be hard to drop a forging hammer, but Chambersburg Engineering Co. was a major employer for decades

Our own Roy Pitz Brewery has won multiple awards from the World Beer Championships. We’ll toast to that

Letterkenny Army Depot is the largest employer. Why not drop a Patriot Missile?