1. All students must be seated in the examination hall in accordance to the scheduled date and time. It is the student’s responsibility to attend at the correct examination venue, date and time for an examination.

2. Under no circumstances will the College accept misreading of the examination timetable as an excuse for granting a deferred examination to a candidate.

3. Students are permitted into an examination up to 45 minutes after the commencement of an examination with the following penalties:

(Calculation: Maximum marks scorable X final examination assessment percentage)



a)   Less than or equal to 15 minutes

No penalty

b)   More than 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes

10% penalty on the paper sat

(Maximum marks scorable = 90%)

c)   More than 30 minutes and up to 45 minutes

20% penalty on the paper sat

(Maximum marks scorable = 80%)

d) 46 minutes until expiration of half of the time allotted for the examination (Quarantine Period).

Note: Students in this category will only be permitted to enter the examination at the discretion of the Chief Invigilator. Students must sit the examination at the “quarantine area” which will be designated accordingly.

20% penalty on the paper sat

(Maximum marks scorable = 80%)

4. Students who turn up late for their examinations and who are permitted to continue the examination in the venue do not get any extra time.

5.Students who are late due to unforeseen circumstances, such as being involved in an accident, being the victim of a crime, etc. may submit a written report (addressed to the Registrar) on the incident with supporting evidence (police report/ photos/ receipt) within THREE (3) working days after the exam to the Registry. Failure to comply with this requirement will render the imposition of the maximum penalty. The Registrar will forward the report to the Chief Invigilator of the said exam session who has the sole discretion to excuse the latecomers from the penalty. Appeals must be filed, in writing to the Registry, within THREE (3) working days after a penalty decision is reached and delivered to the student(s).

6.Upon entering the examination venue, all students are expected to refrain from talking, place their belongings in the assigned area and proceed to their assigned seats immediately.

7.Students must not touch or open the question paper or write on any materials until instructions to begin the examination are given by the Chief Invigilator. Violators of this rule will result in the student facing a disciplinary action. The student may be instructed to leave the examination hall and/or have their grades declared as “failed”.

8.On entering the examination venue, all communication between candidates must cease. Any candidate found talking shall be deemed to have committed an act of cheating and shall be subjected to the appropriate disciplinary action.

9.All students must produce their examination slips and student cards before entering the examination venue. Students who fail to produce any and all of the above mentioned documents would be allowed to sit the examination on condition that they agree to pay a fine of RM50.00 per paper to the Finance Section after the examination. The College will withhold the results of these students until they have settled their fines.

10.Students must wear proper attire which cover them from the shoulder downwards to the knee level. Cut-in, singlet, cut-off, tube, spaghetti strap, low cut, bareback, slippers etc. are not allowed. Students who fail to wear proper attire would be allowed to sit the examination on condition that they agree to pay a RM50.00 fine per paper to the Finance Section after the examination. The College will withhold the results of these students until they have settled their fines.

11.Students are only allowed to bring their stationery for writing purposes i.e. pens, pencils, rulers and correction fluids into the examination venue. Pencil cases are strictly prohibited.

12.Students are prohibited from bringing portable electronic devices of any kind (including mobile phones, tablet computer, smartwatch, MP3 player, etc.) into the examination venue. All portable electronic devices must be switched off and placed with the students’ belongings at the assigned area. The College is not responsible for the safekeeping of any valuables placed by students at the designated area.

13.Students are required to put their wallets and water bottles on the floor.

14.Students who are unable to sit for an examination because of illness must submit a valid Medical Certificate (issued by Government clinics/hospitals ONLY) and the College Medical Certificate Form duly completed by the medical practitioner to the Registry office within 24 hours for outpatient treatment and within 7 working days for hospitalization cases. No other form of Medical Certificates shall be acceptable.

15.Students must not leave the examination venue before the expiration of half of the time allotted for the examination unless permission is granted by the Chief Invigilator.

16.Any student who desires to leave the examination venue temporarily to use the washroom must obtain prior permission and be accompanied by an Invigilator. These students may be asked to empty their pockets etc. as associated with their clothing to ensure no unauthorized materials have been accessed.

17.Students will not be allowed to leave the examination venue in the last fifteen (15) minutes of an examination.

18.All students must cease writing immediately when instructed to do so by the Chief Invigilator and remain in their respective seats until all the answer scripts have been collected and the instruction to leave the examination venue has been given.

19.Students are not permitted to remove any examination materials from the examination venue.

20.Students who are caught cheating during an examination are deemed to have failed the entire paper. Students found repeating the offence will be suspended for one (1) semester and will deem to have failed the entire examination of that semester. A student found guilty of cheating for two (2) times or more may be expelled from the College.

21.Upon exiting the examination venue, students shall remain silent so as not to distract other candidates.

22.In the case that a fire alarm rings during an examination, students should follow the instructions of the Chief Invigilator to vacate the examination venue in an orderly fashion.

23.Students must obey all instructions given to them by the invigilators. Failure to comply may result in a student being expelled from the examination venue.

If you need any assistance, please contact The Registry office.