Sebasticook Valley

Middle School




Inspire every student. Instill a motivation for learning.

Insure contributing citizens. 


Welcome to Sebasticook Valley Middle School, a member of RSU #19. The staff at Sebasticook is dedicated to providing a rigorous, rich program to ensure that students have an opportunity to reach their full potential and succeed in their educational endeavors.  We recognize that a truly effective program is one that is supported by the community; we welcome your support and input.  The staff will be available throughout the day and after school to provide assistance and support for students and families in order to provide multiple pathways for success.


Visit the District Web and/or Sebasticook Online

You may wish to visit the District Web Page at  This will give you considerable information regarding the entire school system and board policies, as well as Sebasticook Valley Middle School.   If you have any questions about the site, do not hesitate to call the school office at 368-4592, or call or email Josh Grant in the Technology Department at Nokomis Regional High at 368-4354 or 

Communicate Through Email

Each staff member at Sebasticook has an email address and can be contacted using their first initial, last name followed by  Many parents keep in contact with their child’s teacher(s) through email, and you are encouraged to use it at any time.

Infinite Campus

Each student in our building is entered into infinite campus.  Parents can have access to these accounts in order to keep track of their child(ren)’s attendance, assignments, and grades.  If you need information regarding this account, please contact the tech department at Nokomis by emailing:

S.V.M.S. Pledge

Sebasticook Valley Middle School is a community of learners and I am an important member of this community.  As a member, I need to set a good example for others by showing respect to adults, peers, and property; by treating other people kindly; by being honest, trustworthy, and compassionate; by learning self-control; by taking responsibility for my actions and words; by problem solving without violence.  I take pride in Sebasticook Valley Middle School and will do my best to help make it a place where people feel safe and accepted.

Sebasticook Valley Middle School Staff

Angela Brown – Principal (ext. #1101)

 Gene Crockett- Asst. Principal/Athletic Director (ext. #4137)

Carol Crockett - School Secretary (ext. #1103)

Michelle Paradis - School Nurse (ext. #1102)

Kitty Mitchell – Guidance Counselor (ext. #1105)

Classroom Teachers                                        Rm.        Ext.

      Mrs. Jordan Neal – 5th Grade Science                124        5124

     Mr.  Michael Glynn – 5th Grade ELA                125        5125

     Mrs. Darcey LaPrade – 5th Grade Soc. Stud.        126        5126

     Mrs. Jennifer Berce – 5th Grade Math                127        5127

     Ms.   Reid – 6th Grade        ELA                                112        5112

     Mrs. Kelly Flagg – 6th Grade         Science                113        5113

     Mrs. Nancy LeBlanc– 6th Grade Math                114        5114

     Mr.  Eric Brown – 6th Grade Soc. Stud.                115        5115

     Mr.  Matt O’Connell – 7th Grade Math                222        5222

     Mrs. Toni Barboza – 7th Grade Science                223        5223

     Miss Dyer – 7th Grade Social Studies                225        5225

     Mrs. Hilary McBreairty – 7th Grade ELA                226        5226

     Mrs. Asia Walling – 8th Grade ELA                210        5210

     Mr.  Daniel Decker - 8th Grade Soc. Stud.                211        5211

     Mr. Jordan Larlee – 8th Grade Science                212        5212

     Mrs. Sue Orcutt – 8th Grade Math                        214        5214


Special Education and Literacy Teachers                        

     Mrs. BJ Melanson – Grades 5/6                         107        5107

     Ms. Kathy Ware – Grades 7/8                        208        5208

     Mrs. Tammy Leonard – Literacy Coach                203        5204

                              – Literacy Ed. Tech.                209        5203

     Mrs. Julie Moulton – READ 180                        202        5202

    Mr. Josh Randazza- Speech/Lang.                        109    5109

Unified Arts Teachers

Gene Crockett-Phys. Ed.                        Ext. 5137

Abby Jordan– Music                        Ext. 5147

Shane Cloutier – Music                        Ext. 5147

Yvonne Perry – Health                        Ext. 5110

Keith Kelley – Instructional Tech.        Ext. 5233

Nick D’Alfonso– Art                        Ext. 5233

Jared Richardson-JMG                        Ext. 5111

Educational Technicians

*can be contacted via special education teachers                        

Donna Morris ()                

Blynda Russell ()

Edie Randall (⅞)

Kelly Fitts ()

Kelly Monk        ()

Kristin Coulombe (⅚)


Kitchen Personnel

Ellie May Ham-Manager                Ext. 5142

Anna Robinson                        Ext. 5142

Jean Rowell                                Ext. 5142


*can be contacted through Main Office

Sam Lane

Jake Bowley

Dan York


Angie Godin                        Ext. 5131

Social Worker

Bryony Jackson                        Ext. 5110

Daniel Allen                                Ext. 5110

School Hours

The school office is open from 7:15 AM to 3:15 PM during the school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to stop by or call the office at 368-4592.

Teachers can be contacted via office or email. Calls for teachers will be taken as a message during the school day, unless the office has been instructed differently by the teacher.  School starts promptly at 8:05.  Students will be considered tardy after 8:05 and will require a parent or note to sign in. Students riding in a private vehicle should not arrive before 7:40 AM.; final dismissal is at 2:35 PM.  


Absences: Attendance is one of the most important factors in student success.  Students are expected to be in school every day that school is in session, unless legally excused.  The following are considered legal excuses for being absent:

  1. Personal Illness – The school may require the certificate of a doctor if deemed advisable.
  2. Appointments – With health professional that cannot be made outside of the regular school hours.
  3. Religious Holidays – Observance of recognized religious holidays when required during the regular school day.
  4. Emergency – Family situation.
  5. Personal/Educational – Planned absences; please notify the classroom teacher of any vacations or extended out-of-school time so that they can provide work.

Notes from parents are required whenever students are absent from school.  These are due on the day the student returns and should state the reason for the absence(s).  Parents may also call or email the school ( to report the absence.  Absences for which notes are not received are recorded as unexcused.  If calls or emails are not received, parents may be contacted to verify the student’s absence.  Students who are absent from school on the day of an after-school athletic event, concert, dance, or special event are INELIGIBLE to attend these events. Also, chronic absences may impact whether or not a student will be allowed to attend field trips or other special school activities.  Specific circumstances may arise and will be considered by the building principal, as well as the grade-level teachers, as to whether a student participates or not.

Tardiness: Students will be considered tardy if they arrive later than 8:05 AM for the start of school.  Students who are tardy need to report to the office in order to update attendance and lunch count information.  Students should also bring a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian or parents should come into the office and sign the student in. 

Dismissals: Students will not be dismissed during the day without signed authorization from a parent or guardian.  If situations arise that change your child(ren’s) dismissal destination, please make sure to call the office before 2:00 PM.  When dismissed, bus students will report to their bus, walkers will exit school grounds, students being picked up will go down to the lower parking lot, and students who are staying for an activity will report to the teacher in charge of the activity or designated area.

Storm Day/Delay/Early Release:  When inclement weather arrives, the opening of school may be cancelled, delayed, or dismissed early for the day.  It is recommended that you listen to a local Radio or TV Station.  Keep in mind that if school remains in session and you as a parent do not wish your child to venture out due to weather, you may make that choice to keep them home for the day.  Please call the school to notify the office of your decision.  In case of early dismissal the school and child need to know where they should be going.

Truancy:  A student is considered truant after 7 days of absence.  The guidance counselor at the school will intervene by contacting the parent or guardian of the truant student. Appropriate actions will then follow this contact.  Truancy negatively impacts students academically, socially, and emotionally and is taken very seriously.  As a school, we are continuously looking at ways to improve attendance and attempt to work with parents/caregivers in whatever way we can to assist in this endeavor.  Students are still responsible for missing work while they are out and will be expected to complete the work in order to receive a grade.  

School Records:

Parental Access to School Records:  The Administration of RSU #19 want all parents to be aware of their right to inspect and review their children's school records. RSU#19 has developed Policy JRA Student Records in accordance to State and Federal laws and regulations. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a parent regarding student records we encourage you to visit our district website or contact the school principal.

Transfer of Educational Records:  The 119th Legislature amended Title 20-A, Section 6001-B, Transfer of Education Records to read: “A school administrative unit shall include in the written notice to parents or guardians of every student enrolled in the school administrative unit that education records must be sent to a school administrative unit to which a student applies for transfer.”  Section 99.31 of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act allows for the disclosure of education records to officials of another school administrative unit where the student seeks or intends to enroll.  Prior consent of the parent or guardian is not required.

Harassment Policy: Students

RSU#19 recognizes the right of each student to perform in an atmosphere which is free of intimidation, ridicule, hostility and offensiveness.  In order to ensure such an atmosphere, the personnel of RSU#19 shall not engage in harassment of students and students shall not harass other students, where harassment is based upon race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin or handicap.  Acts of this nature are not only a violation of this policy but also constitutes illegal discrimination under state and federal laws.  Harassment based upon sexual preference will not be allowed in RSU#19.

        Examples of prohibited harassment:

  1. Unwelcome sexual advances, gestures, comments or contact.
  2. Threats.
  3. Offensive Jokes.
  4. Ridicule, Slurs, Derogatory Actions, or Remarks.

Affirmative Action Officer – Mary Nadeau, Principal, Nokomis Regional High 368-4354                                                


“It is, and shall continue to be, the established policy and practice of RSU#19 to avoid discrimination because of race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, age or handicap in the performance of its responsibilities and function of service in all phases of its administrative and educational concerns, unless related to a bona fide requirement.  RSU#19, its officers and employees, shall not discriminate in the educational and employment policies which it operates and will honor all appropriate laws relating to discrimination.”

Student Hazing and Endangerment

Maine Statute defines hazing as, “any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health of a student enrolled in a public school.”  It is the policy of the Board of Directors that injurious hazing activities of any type, on or off school property, by any student, staff member, group or organization affiliated with this school unit, are inconsistent with the educational process and shall be prohibited at all times.  No administrator, faculty member, or other employee of the school unit shall encourage, permit, condone, or tolerate hazing activities.

Bullying and Conflict

We are committed to providing a caring, friendly, respectful, and safe environment for all students so the focus of their attention is on learning and growing. Bullying, which includes cyber-bullying, is a behavior that can often interfere with this focus and will be addressed when it occurs.  We encourage parents to closely monitor all social media activities their child is involved in to assist in the attention to, and combat of, cyber bullying, which has surfaced increasingly over the years and continuously spills over into the school.  It is important also to recognize that students will engage in conflicts that are not incidents of bullying.  Our goal is to teach students to recognize the difference and to work on treating each other with kindness and respect.  Students who are able to “coexist” with others and find ways to work toward conflict resolution whenever possible will have better long-term success in their working and personal relationships.  

Bus Policy

The rules and regulations concerning bus transportation will be sent home to you at the beginning of the school year and must be signed and returned to the office.  The School Board adopted a bus behavior form.  If your son/daughter receives one of these forms from the bus driver, it is necessary that you sign it, keep one copy and have your son/daughter return it to the bus driver the following morning.  This will let the school know that you are aware of the problem and that we can work together to change unwanted behavior.  Failure to return the form will result in your son/daughter being denied bus-riding privileges until the form is returned.  Students are to ride the bus to which they are assigned and will not be permitted to ride an alternative one without written permission from a parent/guardian or the school office.  Students will only be allowed off the bus at school, home, or locations requested in writing by parents/guardians and must receive a bus pass from the school secretary.  The bus is considered an extension of school and is treated as such in terms of consequences.  Parents are encouraged to discuss bus issues with the bus driver and then the bus supervisor if necessary.  Bus incidents should be reported to Dean Cray at the bus garage at 368-5139.  


All medications are to be kept in the office with the school secretary or the nurse.  A parental consent form that includes the student’s name, medication name, the dosage, and the time(s) to be given must be on file in the office before any medication can be given.  In addition, the medication must be in its original container.  If long term medicines are to be given during school hours, a doctor’s note of authorization must also be filled out.  Both the parent request and the doctor’s release forms may be obtained at the office.  An adult must bring in all medications; no students are to bring in prescribed medication.  A doctor’s note will also be required for the severely asthmatic student who must carry their inhalers at all times.

Health Services

The purpose of the school nurse is to provide the fullest possible educational opportunity for each student by minimizing absences due to illness and creating a climate of health and well being in district schools.  The school nurse has several areas of expertise.  In addition to giving first aid, the school nurse performs many screening tests for students and staff, visits homes for a variety of health reasons, monitors immunization status according to state laws, evaluates medical aspects of handicapped children, acts as a liaison between educational and medical personnel, deals with communicable diseases to prevent its spread to others, maintains health records, acts as a source for health education programs, and communicates with parents, students, and staff about medical issues and medication side effects that can affect the student in the classroom.  The school nurse can be reached at Sebasticook Valley Middle School, 368-4592 at ext. #5102.

Student Conduct/Behavior

School is a safe place for students to learn how to interact appropriately with other students and adults.  They are provided numerous opportunities to dialogue, communicate, agree/disagree, and share in order to learn how to become educated,  informed, and engaged citizens.  There is a general expectation that all students will conduct themselves in a safe, respectful, and considerate manner. Students are not permitted to engage in any physical interactions with peers or staff. Derogatory or inappropriate language or unsafe behaviors will not be tolerated inside the school building, on school grounds, or on the bus.  Any student who disrupts the learning environment or safety of others in any way will be subjected to consequences, which include, but are not limited to, loss of recess/flextime, detention, suspension, and/or expulsion.  As part of our general procedure, parents will be contacted when their child’s conduct or behavior warrants a consequence beyond recess/flex time (s).  It is our hope that there’ll be ongoing dialogue and communication between the school and home so that many of these issues can be addressed and resolved in a proactive, positive way.  

Dress Code

Well-dressed and groomed students tend to have a better attitude toward school and toward their fellow students.  It is important that students dress neatly and in good taste at all times by choosing clothing that is appropriate for an academic environment.

1.   Wear shoes.  No bare feet. 2.   Clothes must be clean and neat and must meet reasonable standards of health/hygiene. 3.   Swimwear, as well as ripped or slashed clothing above the knee, is prohibited. 4.   Certain decorations and designs are prohibited, including depictions or language condoning or advertising drugs, liquor or tobacco products, or any other products or services not permitted for minors by law. Clothing decorations cannot promote illegal activity, violence, libel, or other expressions that are likely to cause disruption in the school. 5.  Clothing or decorations that identify violent or intimidating gangs, or that are signals of drug trafficking are prohibited. Decorations with sexual connotations, violence, obscenity, or the occult are prohibited. 6.   Clothes must fit properly and adequately cover the body.  Clothes that are too short (above mid-thigh), have holes, or are see-through are prohibited, along with clothes that expose the torso, chest, stomach, undergarments or undergarment straps (i.e.spaghetti straps). Tops that are considered tube tops, halter-tops, or strapless tops are prohibited. 7.   Nothing that could be hazardous, damaging, or threatening may be worn, i.e. chains, spikes, spiked rings.  8. As proper manners for all public buildings dictate, hats must be removed upon entering the building. Additionally, hoods, visors and sunglasses must be removed when entering school.  Any student in violation of the dress code will need to change and/or call home.  Continued violation may warrant detention or suspension.

Electronics, Gum Chewing, Hats, and Drinks

The rule being followed at SVMS is there should be no personal electronic devices at school. These items include iPods, cell phones, and gaming devices.  If students bring such items to school they should remain in lockers during the entire school day and should only be accessed for a specific purpose with permission from a teacher/staff member.  This includes prohibiting cell phones from the cafeteria during lunch and the playground during recess.  Students are responsible for their devices on the bus and at school; any lost or stolen item will not be the responsibility of the school. Teachers may take electronics from students who are violating this policy and return it to the student at the end of the period or day.  If a student continues to violate the policy consequences may include, but are not limited to, the phone being kept by the teacher or in the office until the end of the day or until a parent/guardian can retrieve it.  It is best for students to recognize and follow the general policy of, “No cell phones out of your lockers during the school day.” Also, gum chewing is not allowed during the school day and hats should be removed upon entering the school and should remain off until they exit the building at the end of the day.  Energy drinks of any kind are prohibited and soda should also not be brought to school to drink during the day.  All liquid brought to school should be in a clear waterbottle/container.  


No weapons or perceived weapons of any kind will be allowed on school grounds.  A weapon is defined as anything which can be used to intimidate or cause harm to another person.  Examples include, but aren’t limited to: firearms, ammunition, explosives, “brass” knuckles, knives of any kind, chains, clubs, and ninja stars.  There is no smoking  or drinking alcohol on school property or on bussess.  All smoking products (pertaining, but not limited to; marijuana, e-cigarettes, or vape pens) and alcoholic beverages are also prohibited. All lockers are property of SVMS and can be searched periodically if warranted.  Backpacks should be kept in lockers during the day and can be searched if staff deems necessary.  Both of these policies are in place to make sure students are kept safe.  Violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may include detention, suspension, or expulsion.

Grades, Progress Reports, and Eligibility

Grades are kept throughout each quarter with progress reports going home at the half quarter.  Parents and caregivers can, and are encouraged to, access their child’s grades through Infinite Campus.  If there are concerns or questions, the teacher should be contacted.  Students are eligible for the honor roll each quarter and must have a minimum of 2.8 in each of their classes in order to qualify.  Students who participate in sports and music must maintain eligibility or their participation will be in jeopardy.

Sports and Music

Students in grades 6-8 can try out for the sports teams at Sebasticook; 5th grade students cannot, but are encouraged to get involved with their community recreation departments.  Students in grades 5-8 can try out for all of the music programs, which includes band, chorus, jazz band, and show chorus.  All of the sports and music programs have a certain number of students they can accept, so students who wish to play or sing will need to attend a try-out, but they may not make the team or group.  All students involved in any of these programs will be expected to maintain their grades and act appropriately at school in order to continue to participate.


It is advised that the proper channeling of complaints and concerns involving instruction, discipline, or learning is as follows:

1. Teacher/Bus Driver, 2. Principal/Bus Garage Supervisor 3. Superintendent, 4. School Board

Updated 08/8/18