7th Grade Newsletter

May 2017

Dear 7th Grade Families,

News from the Classroom:


This month in ELA, scholars will be analyzing Sandra Cisneros’s craft moves in her novel The House on Mango Street. Upcoming projects and assessments include Wordly Wise quizzes and a vignette project. You can support your scholar by making sure your scholar completes his/her independent reading.


This month in Math, scholars are learning about two and three dimensional Geometry. Upcoming projects and assessments include a project on identifying solids and a unit quiz on Geometry. You can support your scholar by reviewing their notebook and the textbook chapter on 3D solids.

Social Studies

This month in Social Studies, scholars are learning about the Civil War. Upcoming projects and assessments include a test and historical fiction project, due at the beginning of June (exact dates TBD). You can support your scholar by asking them what caused the Civil War.


This month in Science, scholars will present their Science Fair Experiments at the Grade-Wide Science Fair on Monday, May 22. Parents are welcome to attend! Scholars will also be wrapping up their Human Body unit and beginning their study of Geology. Our Geology unit will focus on rocks and minerals, the rock cycle, plate tectonics, and earthquakes. You can support your scholar by asking them to explain their Science Fair Experiments.


Scholars in 7th grade dance are currently in the midst of a special series of Flamenco dance workshops through our new arts partnership with Ballet Hispanico, a dance company located on the Upper West Side that explores, preserves, and celebrates Latino cultures through dance. Miss Natalia, a teaching artist from Ballet Hispanico, has been teaching us about the movement and history of Flamenco, a form of dance originating from Spain.


In 7th grade Latin, students have moved into intensive study of a simple Latin adaptation of a Roman comedy: ‘Aulularia’ by Plautus! As they expand their knowledge of Latin grammar and forms, they are also learning more about the history of Roman theatre. You can support your scholar by watching “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” or any other adaptation of Roman comedy with them, and by encouraging them to play the games in the ‘links’ section of the MH2 Latin class page. Their next assessment is a set of longer grammar worksheets, due the week of May 9th.


The month of May is songwriting month for Mott Hall II music scholars.  All students have been working in groups collaborating to compose an original song. Students are synthesizing chord progressions and drum beats on the keyboards with the themes in their original lyrics as well as discussing different song structures in their lyrics.

What’s coming up this month?

  • May 5: Progress reports handed out during advisory
  • May 15-19: Nature’s Classroom
  • May 22: Grade-Wide Science Fair
  • May 23: Family Science Night
  • May 29: Memorial Day, No School
  • May 31: Scholar-Led Conference Night

Tips for Success:

  • Don’t let the end of the year catch you napping! Continue to check the calendars on motthall2.org and monitor Engrade for assignments.
  • It’s time to clean out your work folders! For Science, scholars may file or recycle any assignments from BEFORE the Human Body Unit. For Math, scholars may file or recycle any CW or HW that is not on pink paper. For ELA, scholars only need to keep handouts related to figurative language. For Social Studies, get rid of anything unrelated to the abolitionist movement or the Civil War.

Thank you for your support! Please contact us at mgennaro@motthall2.org (ELA), jkesten@motthall2.org (Math), bscanlon@motthall2.org (Social Studies), awilliard@motthall2.org (Science), and blee@motthall2.org (ICT) with questions!


7th Grade Team