University of California, San Diego

Graduate Student Association

Council Meeting #9

Monday, February 25, 2013

6:00pm The Price Center Forum

I.        Call to Order [6:03pm]

II.        Approval of Agenda [6:03pm]

III.        Public Comment and Announcement

IV.        Finance Bills [6:09pm]

V.        Presentation on GSHIP by the President [6:13pm]

VI.        UCEN Fee Referendum [6:23pm]

VII.        Finance Bylaw Amendment [6:55pm]

VIII.        Appointments [7:22pm]


IX.        Call for Agenda Items [7:23pm]

X.        Adjourn [7:25pm]

Members in attendance: Chris Ahn, Dan Jacobsen, Cory Stevenson, Jeremy Davis-Turak, Michael Yu, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner, Fiona Nohilly, Jackie Ward, Nathanial Wood-Cohan, Carson Dance, Dan Frost, Joaquin Contreras, Brie Iatarola, Roshni Chandrashekhar, Russell Reas, Rakesh Varna, Garo Bournoutian, Travis Brayak, Jennifer Mogannam, America Martinez, Yutaka Ishida, Ana Laura Martinez, Cynthia Vazquez, Haydee Smith, Daniel Hoff, Robert Won, Rahul Kapadia, Shuxia Tang, Jonathan Monk, Alex Mendez, Michael Rivera, Nicole Henniger, John Ballard, Kathryn Furby, Brandon Stephens, Danielle Ishihara, Harrison Carter, Amy Sutton, Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Jordan Gosselin, Ash Arianpour, Jonathan Monk, Don Johnson, Scott Guenther, Lara Bullock, Greg Wagner

University Centers Fee & CPI Referendum

Do you approve an $11.00 increase of the University Centers fee, per student per quarter, to support the maintenance, repair, and operations of the University Centers facilities, including the Price Center, Student Center, Crafts Center, and Che Facility, effective fall quarter 2013?

Twenty-nine percent (29%) of this fee increase will  be used to meet the financial aid needs of UCSD students.

The current University Centers fee is $76.50 per student per quarter and is paid by undergraduate and graduate students.  If this fee referendum is approved and implemented, the University Centers fee would be $87.50 per student per quarter, excluding annual CPI adjustments. Fifty percent of the University Centers fee is assessed each summer session.

If this referendum is approved, the entire University Centers fee will be adjusted annually according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) beginning fall quarter 2014.   CPI adjustments will end after spring quarter 2025.  Annual adjustment may not exceed 3%.  

If this referendum is approved, no referendum to increase the University Centers fee will be held until at least fall quarter 2018.

YES                NO                ABSTAIN

Statement of Conditions:

  1. This referendum shall go into effect fall quarter 2013.        
  2. This fee will be included in the determination of financial aid.
  3. Modifications to this fee may not be made without a subsequent student referendum held in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies, unless other means are explicitly provided in this ballot language.
  4. The debt-repayment for the Price Center West portion of this fee shall be $6.28 per student per quarter ($3.14 each summer session), the debt repayment for the Price Center East portion of this fee shall be $34.22 per student per quarter ($17.11 each summer session), and the maintenance and operation portion shall be the remaining revenue from the fee.  Dollar amounts listed for debt are after return-to-aid.
  5. The debt-repayment plan shall continue as currently scheduled, with debt retirement for the Price Center West no later than 2024 and debt retirement for Price Center East no later than 2039.
  6. No additional debt may be levied against this fee, nor may an increase of the debt-retirement period be made, without a subsequent student referendum held in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies.
  7. After the debt-retirement period specified herein, the debt-repayment portion of the fee, also specified herein, shall not be collected.  The remaining fee will continue to be collected and will support University Centers’ facilities operations and maintenance.
  8. This fee shall be overseen by the University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB), composed of at least 80% student voting membership and chaired by a student. The Associated Students, Graduate Student Association, and Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs must approve any changes to the existing University Centers Advisory Board charter.
  9. Annual University Centers’ budget reports will be made public and provided to all UCSD student governments.
  10. This referendum is not intended to diminish or restrict other sources of University Centers’ income, including current campus Student Services Fee allocations.
  11. Other funds that become available after the referendum may be applied to reduce this fee with a student referendum held in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies.
  12. The University Centers will not charge student organizations equipment set-up/usage fees for basic room set-ups in the Price Center or Student Center.
  13. Of the funds University Centers budgets for programming student events, at least $20,000 a year must be dedicated to providing events and activities geared towards graduate and professional students.
  14. Within one year after the passage of this fee, University Centers will open fundraising to support efforts to re-open the Craft Center. The University Centers will match fundraising dollars until the renovation and maintenance costs are met. The University Centers may decrease its match on the condition that fundraising exceeds these costs.
  15. Price Center East shall provide 24-hour access to lounges with computer labs, group-study rooms, and commuter student resources (including lockers and commuter kitchen) at least 4 days a week.
  16. No portion of the University Centers fee shall be used for the maintenance, repairs and renovations of the Bookstore, Cross-Cultural Center, Woman’s Center, LGBT Resource Center, and Alumni Affairs, all of which are supported via funds from the Chancellor and/or appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  17. No portion of the University Centers  budget shall be used to pay system-wide administrative costs, including, but not limited to, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) tax. No portion of the University Centers Fee shall be used to calculate and pay the campus-wide Auxiliary and Self-Supporting Activities (ASSA) tax.