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More random matchmaking

6 round limit per player

Reduced wait time

Creep kills calculated into score

Ignite Gaming Lounge Summoner Saturdays [August]

1v1 Howling Abyss Battle Royale Official Rules

1. The Gladiator’s Gear

Due to the constant action in the arena, we cannot allow the gladiators to bring their own swords and shields (mice and keyboards). You have our promise that the Ignite Colosseum's gear is sharpened and ready to be used in battle.

2. Gladiator Key Bindings

Gladiators come and go, that is the way of the arena. Due to this issue, the Arena Masters cannot allow gladiators additional time to set key bindings. The gladiators may set their key bindings in game, using their own time.

3. Scoring

A gladiator wins by destroying the opposing nexus, or by the most kills at 15 minutes. If both gladiators are tied for kills at the 15 minute mark, creep score will break the tie.

When a gladiator is victorious in battle, he/she will be rewarded a set amount of points:

Creep Kill = 1 point

Tower & Nexus Kills = 50 points

Kill = 100 points

4. Rounds

Much like the seasons, no gladiator may compete in more than 4 rounds.

5. Gladiator Registration

Gladiators will be able to register for the tournament at 12PM. Registration will remain open until 1PM. No gladiator may register after 1PM.

6. Facing Your Opponent

Gladiators are faced up against unimaginable odds. Therefore, each gladiator will be placed randomly against their opponents.

7. Your Time in the Arena

Equally matched gladiators could fight well into the night. However, due to time constraints, the Arena Masters have imposed a time limit on each match. The matches shall last no longer than 15 minutes, overseen by the Arena Master.

8. Declaring Your Victories

After you have struck down your opponent in glorious fashion, the Arena Master will record your score and post it to the leaderboard. The gladiator may now rest.

9. Determining the Victor

The arena is a treacherous place, and at the end of the fifteen minutes of play, both gladiators might have the same amount of kills as one another, with no nexus kills. In this event, the gladiator with the highest creep score will be determined the winner of the round.

10. The Scaredy Gladiator

Sometimes, a gladiator must make sacrifices. Therefore, suiciding by way of a tower is allowed.

However, the crowd is waiting for the show of a lifetime, so any gladiator cowering in their base will be disqualified. Buy your gear, and get back to the battlefield!

Game Rules

1. League of Legends Game Version

All games will be played on the North American Realm. All games will be played on most recently patched League of Legends North American game client, available here

    1.1 3rd Party Mods

Gladiators are not allowed to use any 3rd Party Modifications/Addons that alter gameplay.

2. Game Settings

  • Map: 1v1 - Howling Abyss

  • Blind Pick

  • 1 gladiator will be assigned by the Arena Master to create the game.

3. League of Legends Aliases and Gladiator Accounts

All gladiators are responsible for and expected to use their own League of Legends accounts. Gladiators are forbidden from using an account that does not belong to them. In the event that a gladiator is found to be using an account that does not belong to them, the offending gladiator will be removed from the event. If a gladiator's account is banned by RIOT during a Ignite Gaming Lounge event then that gladiator will no longer be eligible to play in the Ignite Gaming Lounge event unless he/she has the ban removed by RIOT. All aliasing rule violations will be handled by an Administrator on a case by case basis.

4. Gladiator Conduct

All gladiators are prohibited from using the chat console during the game to excessively harass or abuse the opposing player. Harassment includes but is not limited to racism, excessive taunting, and spamming. Ignite Gaming Lounge recognizes that some taunting and competitive banter is part of competition; however, excessive abuse will result in disciplinary action from Administrators. Ignite Gaming Lounge cannot control gladiators from reporting one another for League of Legends Terms of Service violations to RIOT. All gladiator conduct rule violations will be handled by an Administrator on a case by case basis.

5. Fair Play Rule

Gladiators are expected to play at their full capacity at all times. Deliberately losing will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.

6. PC Usage

All PC rental time during matches will be provided by Ignite Gaming Lounge. If participants would like to continue renting a PC after their matches have ended they may purchase time at the standard rate.

Last revision was made 8/2/13