Duration: Year (1.0)

Grades: 11-12

Graduation: Required (BS)

Homework: 5

Lab Fee: $15, Cadaver Lab Field Trip Fee: $10

Prerequisite: B or better in Biology or Human Biology.

This course studies the body systems as well as an introduction to several health careers. Accompanied by lecture, labs, dissection, guest speakers, and medical facility tours, this class is a must for anyone wishing to major in science or a healthcare career in college or just wanting to know how the human body works. Students may apply for medical internships upon successful completion of this class. Concurrent college credit is available through UVU. CPR certification is required. This course will waive health if taken for the full year. This class is also recommended for students wishing to take AP Biology. It may count as the third year of science. State test is required in May.