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Answer the questions below using full sentences.

1. What is Matariki?

Matariki is the maori new year

2. When do the Matariki stars reappear?

The matariki  stars  reappear at night time on sunday.

3. What is ‘harvest season’?  You might need to research this.

The harvest season is where you gather all the crops you  can

4. What do these words in Te Reo Māori mean in English?

  1. Pātaka kai

Storage house

  1. Hākari


  1. Whenua


  1. Whānau


  1. Whakapapa


6. List one way Māori people celebrated Matariki.

 A song

7. During Matariki, people celebrate with music, songs, dance, food and family.  

    True or False?


9.  Name a celebration that is important to you, when is it celebrated and how you celebrate it.

Matariki  on sunday  i have a song and a feasts.