Student Senate Minutes

April 1st, 2014

Hall Perrine

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  1. approved
  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. approved
  1. Chair of Appropriations- Brian Hixon-Simeral
  1. $62,131 is Senate’s current budget!
  2. Appropriation for Alliance- $350 to contribute to honorarium for Dr. Patricia who is coming from Nebraska, specialist in psychology and sexuality.
  1. She will be visiting several classes and potentially holding a lecture.
  2. Several other departments have donated to help cover her travel, lodging, and expenses
  3. Flyers and Facebook will be used to advertise this event
  4. Move to allocate $350
  5. Vote- 17 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention
  1. Appropriation for Enactus- $637 planting potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce. Need seeds and equipment.
  1. Harvest will be sold to Bon Appetit, the deal for this sale has already been made.
  2. 1-2 student gardeners earn a stipend to stay over the summer and care for the garden
  3. There is a locked storage shed for storage of the tools.
  4. Move to allocate $637
  5. Vote- 17 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention
  1. Prior presentation from OLA- $2,574.67 was requested last week to cover transportation, decorations, food, and DJ for spring formal.
  1. Event is April 26th from 9-12
  2. Move to allocate $2574.67
  3. Move to suspend article 7, section 1 (the definition of a trip, and stipulations for Senate funding of trips)
  1. Senator Mckenzie- Don’t like setting a precedent for suspending bylaws.
  2. Senator Oldfield- Justification is that this event isn’t truly a trip, it’s an event. At the time that it was planned there was not an adequate location on campus, therefore it had to be moved off of camp
  3. Vote- 9 in favor, 5 opposed, 4 abstentions.
  1. Not passed
  1. Can only appropriate a maximum of $1,931 because the bylaw did not get suspended.
  2. OLA- Could this trip be exempt from the bylaw because the event is cosponsored by Get Out of Town, whose sole purpose is to provide trips… making them exempt from the trip bylaw
  1. GOoT is helping to provide advertisements, but not financial support.
  2. Senator Oldfield- It doesn't really matter that the trip is co sponsored, the funds are still coming out of student activities funds.
  1. senator Castillo-Rivera- because GOoT is not spearheading this event, it’s not really an exception
  1. John- The real question is, is this a trip or is it an event that requires transportation to get to it?
  1. When the bylaw was created it was more describing trips to conferences and such that required large travel expenses.
  2. This isn’t different than when in the past homecoming was held off of campus, and PAAC rented a charter bus to transport students.
  1. Senator Mckenzie- If we really look at this the issue isn’t that it’s a trip as defined by the bylaws, we are probably all uncomfortable with the large amount of money requested and the fact that there is no student contribution
  1. GOoT- this is actually a smaller amount of money requested than in past years, last year the buses were 2,100 alone. And last year it was fully funded.
  2. Last year all of the appropriations requests for decorations, DJ, food, and transportation were separate requests.
  1. Senator Oldfield- Not uncomfortable with the amount requested because this is a large amount, and there are similarly sized events on campus that Senate does fully fund.
  2. Senator O’Brien- at some point Senate will need to revisit the definition of a trip
  3. President Oeltjenbruns- Uncomfortable with 2 buses running, this is just for convenience.
  1. OLA- If there was only 1 bus attendance would be reduced because of the infrequency of transportation.
  2. Motion to cut $870 dollars, by cutting the minibus. Having a set bus schedule will still allow people to come and go.
  3. Senator Tentinger- because not everyone may fit on the first bus, some people may not be able to go until an hour later. And that isn’t fair.
  4. OLA- If the event ends and there is not enough room on the buses for all students to return to campus they will have to wait at the venue. Students could potentially be stranded
  1. There have been issues in past years with having adequate transportation for students.
  2. Students don’t typically stay all the way until 12am.
  3. Last year there were two buses running on opposite schedules, and there were no stranded students
  1. Vote to cut the minibus- 5 in favor, 12 opposed, 3 abstentions
  1. Not passed
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral- If we do not fund the full amount the event will likely be canceled, because there isn’t enough time for fundraising.
  1. additionally, OLA does not have any funding other than the 1,100 which they requested from Senate last year
  1. Senator Banks- Are there any remaining funds from last year?
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral- those funds would have been reclaimed over the summer
  1. GOoT- this event is open to all of campus, those students have technically already contributed through their activities fee.
  2. President Oeltjenbruns- Vote that this is not a trip, because the spirit of this event is not a trip. it is similar to Homecoming. Will vote no to cut the appropriation down to 75% of the original appropriation
  3. Vote to define this event as a trip, and reduce the appropriation to $1,931- 0 in favor, 18 opposed, 2 abstentions
  1. Event will not be defined as a trip
  1. This event is the same time of day as Relay for Life which is noon-midnight, this could pose a conflict…
  1. OLA- in the past people have not stayed that late at Relay for Life, and they may leave that to attend the event which is from 9pm-midnight
  1. Senator Del Torre- if this event has been fully funded in the past, Senate should not change their support. Also the event has been successful in the past, so we don’t want to make too many changed.
  2. Move to fund $2,574.67 to OLA
  1. Vote- 19 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention.
  1. Prior Presentation from Eyes of the World- reduced the accommodations cost since last meeting by $441, request is for $2,900.
  1. Move to appropriate $2,196.75
  2. President Oeltjenbruns- Do you know how you will be raising the other 25%, through member contributions and fundraising
  3. Senator Oldfield- Do you believe that you will be able to raise those funds?
  1. EotW- yes.
  1. Vote- 19 in favor, 2 opposed, 0 abstentions.
  1. Prior presentation from the senior class, $3,059.73 for food and senior gift for the Senior reception.
  1. Menu is similar to last year, and the food is in fact cheaper.
  2. Senator Rocker- did you look at other food providers?
  1. Because the event is being held on campus Cornell’s Bon Appetit contract requires that the senior class use Bon Appetit
  1. Voting will be held in 2 weeks for this appropriation.
  1. Closing balance of $56,372.58.
  1. Chair of Student Life- O’Brien as proxy
  1. Working on projects, stay tuned.
  1. Open Forum
  1. None
  1. President - Kelly Oeltjenbruns
  1. Do not need class presidents to send out the survey for student involvement , the email will be sent from a no reply email.
  1. Senator O’Brien- is Greek Life included on the survey, because that is ⅓ of students
  1. Conduct Board and Appeals board advertisement will begin tomorrow
  1. Interviews will be 2nd week of 8th block
  1. Emily from PAAC return on investments presentation.
  1. Casino Night, Jared Mahone, Chris Jones- Hypnotist were all very popular!
  2. All events had at least 50 people in attendance, and some had upwards of 300.
  3. Next year looking to increase PAAC event exposure, through facebook, digital wall, and 2 marketing charis.
  4. Recruiting quality over quantity acts for next year
  5. President Oeltjenbruns- is there a lot of interest in filling PAAC positions?
  1. Yes, elections for the board were held last block and all positions were filled, many by students not previously on the board
  2. Secretary position is being held open for a first year student to fill potentially.
  1. Vice President - Lane Zahourek
  1. Filing for elections opens first week of 8th block
  2. Petitions due April 21st, speeches April 23rd on the OC at lunch, and voting is April 25th
  1. Chair of Organizations - Michael Christianson
  1. Hoping to put together an organizations appreciations event sometime during 8th block, once it gets warmer.
  1. Chair of Academic Affairs- Liz O’Brien
  1. Looking into Iowa Women’s Leadership conference to see if there is a deadline to register.
  2. Meeting with John and The New York Times tomorrow
  3. Fireside Chat with Jim VanValen tomorrow night, in Durham.
  1. Senior Class
  1. Nothing.
  1. Junior Class
  1. Event thursday at 5pm upstairs in the commons.
  1. Sophomore Class
  1. Held event today… Had students fill out comment cards and held a drawing for 2 gift cards. Approximately 50 students participated in the event.
  1. Need to look at the comments thoroughly, but have already noticed that a lot of students do not know who their class reps are.
  1. First Year Class
  1. Event was held yesterday
  1. A lot of students commented that they wished bathrooms were cleaner and more adequately stocked
  2. Also requested elevators in the dorms
  3. Had a drawing and gave out 4 boxes of Goldfish
  1. Old Business
  1. Streaking… E-board and John talked, a survey isn’t really feasible because of all the other surveys circulating and a lack of associated material to create a survey with
  1. Senate and the administration are not interested in creating a policy. First week of 8th block should we hold a discussion during open forum? How else can we address this student concern?
  2. Senator Weightman- an open forum is probably the best way to understand students feelings surrounding streaking.
  3. Senator Banks- Pro open forum. Was not present during the initial presentation from students.
  4. President Oeltjenbruns- is a student senate meeting, during open forum the proper venue for this?
  5. Senator Mckenzie- Open forum is at the beginning and this could potentially be a long discussion
  6. Senator Castillo-Rivera- the publicity of this forum isn’t ideal for conflict resolution. Perhaps Student Affairs should handle this.
  7. Senator Weightman- Could Senate sponsor an event outside of meeting time, in Hedges more publically or during office hours 1 on 1.
  8. Senator O’Brien- Students probably wouldn’t come during Open Forum, office hours is a good idea.
  9. President Oeltjenbruns- Part of what we want is education between the groups, to understand each others’ points of view.
  10. Senator Oldfield- Support an open forum outside of a Senate meeting. Also office hours may not be that beneficial because groups have already talked to Senate regarding streaking.
  1. The affected students should interact with each other
  1.  Senator Castillo-Rivera- book a place and advertise a discussion for controversial issues.
  2. Senator Tentinger- Campus has recently held a lot of educational events on hate speech, perhaps next year would be a better time to bring this up.
  3. Senator Castillo-Rivera- Maybe we could hold a series of meetings to discuss this and other controversial issues.
  4. President Oeltjenbruns- will talk to Leigh about Student Life planning an event.
  1. John- Dedication event for the Thomas Commons is coming up, May 2nd. Donors will be here, so Senate is writing them thank you cards!
  1. Say thank you, and write something regarding how the improvements have impacted you and other students.
  1. John- Commencement is Sunday, May 11th. Student life coordinates commencement, and they need student help. Senate is offered this opportunity first, this allows you to stay in the dorms longer and be involved in commencement
  1. New Business
  1. Nothing.
  1. Announcements
  1. Reminder, fireside chat tomorrow, 7pm, Durham, everyone is excited!