Services List

Every task and project is different. These time or cost estimations are approximates.
Contact us for to discuss your project and we can give you more precise estimations.

Learnbase is able to offer a limited amount of partial revenue-share partnering opportunities per year where we can offer reduced hourly rates


Per hour

$75 (unless otherwise stated)

Web Elements

Core Business Site:
. Domain and hosting set-up
. Creation of site with front-end editing
. 3 Brochure Pages (or long-from equiv)
. Blog
. Contact Page

5 hours consultation and wireframing

24 hours build

1 hour training

Total Estimate: 30 hours

Core Learning Site
Domain and hosting set up
. Course-based home page
. Simple student dashboard
. Reporting

4 hours consultation and wireframing
20 hours build

1 hour training

Total Estimate: 25 hours

Learning Management System Upgrade

. Courses landing page or block
. Student dashboard
. Reporting

. Includes Learnbase Video Lesson Maker

3 hours consultation on requirements
6 hours installation, testing, theming, templating, and set up of course structure

1 hour training

Total Estimate:10 hours +cost of LMS

Learnbase Video Lesson Maker set up

(no LMS required)

2-4 hours installation and testing
2 hours contextual training

To existing site:

1h diagnostic
1-5 hours to configure

Shopping Cart Upgrade

Total Estimate: 5 hours installation and set up

Social Learning Groups upgrade

10 hours installation, theming and testing

Email capture and list setup
Setup of Mailchimp account, primary list, optin form on site, opt-in gift and SEO- optimized gift sequence on site, copy editing

5 hours

Taking care of your hosting and maintenance


Custom Coding


Learning Design

Online Education Business Strategy Consultation - Core

3 hours

Online Education Business Strategy Consultation - Extended

6 hours

Course Creation from Ground Up

Dependent on course - normal rates apply

Making Your Video Content Interactive
Video Editing
Learnbase Video Lesson Maker set up
Annotation Layers
Setting up reflection tasks
Setting up Quizzes
(Initial LMS + Learnbase upgrade required)

5 hours per 30 min of supplied video
Less if working in collaboration

Video Production

Per Day filming
. Camera, Audio, Lighting, Autoprompt
. 1 Filmographer
. 1 Director

. Delivery of synced video/audio output.


Video Editing (non-educational)


Logo animations simple


Logo animations advanced


Video Design

Promotional/Trailer Video with motion graphics

6-10 hours per minute of video

Instructional Screencast

2-3 hours per minute of video

SEO and Social Media and Marketing


See separate price sheet

Social Site Set up

2 hours per social platform

Hootsuite Set-up and Training
Combining all your social marketing in single platform

3 hours

Setting up Retargeting Campaign
Define campaign on  Adroll

Creating ads for multiple block sizes

5-10 hours depending on provided marketing stock/copy

Sales Funnel Set-Up
Strategy and UX Design

. Creating 4-video page sales sequence
. Set up of social and discussion aspects

10-16 hours

 Per-Day Filming and Video Editing if video not provided.

Course Launch Setup
Planning Strategy
. Marketing Materials

. Social Media ad creation
. Email sequence for 2 week period

15-20 hours

Course Launch Support

As required

Graphic Design



20 Branded icons




Customer Technical Support

Set-Up of Knowledge Base and ticketing system


Customer Ticket  Support

Tracked by minute