Presenter: Shelly Sanchez Terrell                    

Edutech Workshop by Shelly Sanchez Terrell,

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I. Human Bingo

Instructions: Download your copy of digital bingo by clicking here!






 Uses hashtags

Updated their status today

Tags people in a photo or status

Took part in a flash mob

Takes selfies

Adds filters on images or videos

Belongs to 3 or more social networks

Uses Snapchat, WhatsApp, or other messenger

Belongs to a social network you aren’t on

Checked in & posted their location online

Has a child (12 & younger) who owns a device

Posts meme (ex. Grumpy Cat, Keep Calm Posters, etc.)

Knows what LOL, SMH, and TMTH mean

Knows about online dating

Uses a social bookmarking site like Pinterest

Shares or creates animated gifs

Plays games on their mobile devices

Reviews and rates businesses online

Sent a greeting via a mobile device

Has a friend they’ve never met in person

Created a digital comic

Adds stickers to an image

Uses Siri

Photobombed someone

Reads Reddit

II. Digital Language & Translation

Instructions: Write down your emoji story. Please include your name or Twitter handle.

It was a sunny day when Steve went to the golf course. He was looking forward to a fabulous day of striding across the fairways and over the greens. What he hadn’t anticipated was the rogue monkey and its pet mouse, who’d broken into his house while he was away and played merry havoc with the contents of his in-tray. After all, we all know what monkeys do when they’re feeling angry or trapped… and the mouse had made the monkey especially cranky that day. @emmajanereading (feeling awkward because I’m apparently the only one typing in here… >.<)

III. Hashtags

Hashtag you Googled & resources found:

IV. Digital Badges

Instructions: Create a digital badge for your students. Include a pic if you’d like and the criteria. Also, include your name or Twitter handle.  



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