Online Design Tools

These are the tools that are being analysed and judged.

Online Tools

Chrome Web Store

Sketch Up


Autodesk Homestyler


Google Drawing

Planner 5D

3D Design Something

Autodesk 123D Design

Floor Plan Creator

Planner 5D




Please find some more of your own to add to these.


(you will need to copy and paste these questions onto a new doc for each app that you test)

Name of App :-

How easy is it to set up?

Do you have to log in? Can you work for free? What kind of app is it, an online programme or a chrome app ? )

Doing a Design Task

How easy was it to complete a set task? What were the easy / best parts of the app? What were the most difficult parts? Why was this?


Would you recommend this app?

How good is this app? What kind of design jobs can you do on it? What would it not be any good for?

What rating would you give it ?

Is the app usable on more than one device?


Put screenshots of what you have been doing on the app here and explain what you were doing.