Carl’s Cupcakes Company Project

Client Experience

Feb 25, 2015     200 pts     DUE: Mar 20~, 2016


Create a website from the start of the design process to the completion of the live website.



Getting Started > 10pts

  1. Choose a partner for this project. I am your client. You will have 3 weeks to work on this, I’ll adjust it for more or less days as needed. Create a repository to story all your files and images for your project
  2. Use a Google Doc to make a plan (website example links, changes I want, etc.). Planning and keeping notes can save you sometimes when a client claims they wanted something or claims you agreed to something. They are good at doing this...
  3. Use this Carl’s Cupcakes logo to give you a color scheme to start with, use any elements of the logo that you want in your design. Sometimes that helps to add personality to a website.
  4. As your client I don’t know entirely what I want. I need you to find website examples to help me get started with my new website.
  5. Look for example of good design, simple design, websites that might match the industry of my company. Bring me at least 3 example websites that you think might fit my design needs.

Photoshop Layout > 20pts

  1. After I have looked at example websites with you and chosen some things that I like you will start on the layout design. I will look at the design drafts and tell you to make adjustments if I don’t like parts of it.
  2. I will decide on a final draft, then you will start implementing the design online.

Home page design process > 40pts

  1. You will design the home page according to the different elements that I liked from each of your example websites. Implement my color scheme and the logo elements into a home page online. Put in mock content as filler until I give you my home page content.
  2. When I am happy with the global layout I will give you the home page content for you to add in. From there I will have you make any other changes that I want until I am happy with the page.

Other pages and content > 120pts

  1. When the home page is complete I will talk to you about my other 6 pages of content that I want. Each page of content will have its own needs and will have to be designed as requested. At this point we might look at more websites that will help me decide how I want a form or products to look on the page.

Completing the process > 10pts

  1. When the content is in for every page and everything works properly, I will do a final run through of my website. I will either check it off or ask for some final adjustments to be made.



TOTAL:                                                200pts