Session Title: Collaboration, Differentiation, Gamification: 21st Century School

Presenter: Natalie O’Neil  

Twitter: @NatalieNONeil


Description: This resource is designed to demonstrate digital tools that inspire engagement, critical thinking, and creativity while transforming traditional assessments into 21st century learning opportunities. Participants will be introduced to multimodal options for redesigning traditional tasks such as student presentations, research projects, and collaborative and reflective activities. Tools such as Citelighter will be demonstrated, and a sampling of student-created projects will be shared to highlight ways in which multimodality engages our students in today's participatory culture.

Using Google Drive, Calendar, Sites & LMS to Perfect Workflow:




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Engaging Students by Leveraging Technology

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Great tools I can’t live without!Citelighter Cog Print.png


Previous project ideas for the innovative teacher

Additional Projects, not for the light of heart ;-)