Ecological Footprint Activity


Go to this link to calculate your ecological footprint (EF). After doing so, leave open the browser window showing your results. You will need to get information about your calculated EF and resource use. You will enter this information in a data form, below.

This link will take you to a data form where you can enter information about your ecological footprint and resource use, as determined in the EF calculator.

You can play the EF calculator game above as many times as you wish. For instance, you could play it once inputting your actual lifestyle information (e.g., regarding home size, use of transportation, etc), and play it a second time in which you change these values to some other imaginary scenarios (e.g., use public transportation more, buy locally produced food less often).

See all the ecological footprint data from you and your fellow workshop participants!

Now that you have played the ecological footprint game, it’s time to more deeply analyze and understand ecological footprints. Please participate in this analysis activity at the following link:

Visit this page to see the trends through time in EF for the whole world and for individual countries. The graphs display both EF and biocapacity. Biocapacity is the resource capacity of a country. If EF exceeds biocapacity, then a country is living beyond the means afforded by its natural resource capital.