Halsey Schools’ Parent Handbook - Dates, FAQs & Tuition Rates

How can I be involved? 

You are welcome to participate at school anytime throughout the year & you can join us on these special occasion highlights:

09/04 School Starts

09/07 Grandparent Cookie Party

10/04-05 Discovery Days

10/31 Halloween Parade & Party

11/16 Thanksgiving Social

11/19 Assessments Sent home

11/26-30 Parent Conferences         

12/14 Holiday Social

01/17-18 Discovery Days

02/14/18 Valentine's Day Party

03/01 Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Party

03/29 Assessments Sent Home

04/01-05 Parent Conferences

04/19 Spring Parade & Party

04/29-5/5 Screen Free Week

05/06-10 Mommy's Craft Week

05/10 Mommy's Tea Party

05/13-17 Teacher Appreciation Week

05/20-24 Pet Share Week

06/10-14 Daddy's Project Week

06/14 Daddy's Donut Party

06/28 Preschool Graduation

06/28 Last day of school & report cards

07/01 Camp Halsey

07/03 Independence Day Parade/BBQ

When will the school be closed? 

09/03 Labor Day

11/12 Veteran’s Day         

11/22-23 Thanksgiving

12/24-26 Christmas

12/31-1/2 New Year’s

01/21 Martin Luther King Jr.

02/18 Presidents’ Day

05/27 Memorial Day

07/04 Independence Day

How will I know how & what my child is doing?

What do I need to bring to school?

Please label everything.

  • Change of clothes & shoes
  • Small crib sheet & blanket
  • No pillows please
  • Sack lunch/sign-up for hot lunch
  • Backpack and/or carrying bag
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Please do not send car seats
  • Summer add towel, water shoes, hat, sunglasses sun block & swimsuit/diaper

Additions for Infants & Toddlers

  • Diapers & wipes, 2+ changes of clothes
  • Sippy cups, bottles, food etc


What should my child wear? Comfortable, washable clothing and Velcro strapped shoes that adapt well to food spills, paint, sand, water play and more. Your child’s clothes will get ‘dirty.’ Extra labeled clothes are a must. Please do not send children to school in:

  • Flip Flops (closed toed/strapped sandals o.k.
  • One Piece Outfits (infants o.k.)
  • Formal Outfits, High heel shoes
  • Bathing suits unless summer
  • Jewelry (dangerous, may be lost)
  • Overalls during potty training
  • Overnight diapers

Do I need to sign my child in/out? Yes!

Should I inform you if my child will be out or late? Please message, write, email, text, or call us. Preschoolers should be here  by 9:00.

Can my child come to school sick? We can all help keep the spread of illnesses down by keeping our ill children home. Please let us know by 10:00 if your child is ill. If your child is sent home with an illness today he/she cannot return tomorrow. Read our Illness Policy.

Are immunization required?

Absolutely. All children must be immunized following the CDC’s Immunization Schedule. Please provide proof of updates as they occur.

Can my child be administered medication at school? Yes, with a note from your child’s pediatrician or prescription. Please complete the medication form weekly. If a child has a fever, we cannot administer medication and he/she cannot come to school.  He/She needs your special love and attention. Please bring the medication into the school yourself and hand directly to an adult. Never give it to a child or leave it in a bag, etc.  

I need to pick my child up late. Call us, only $5/hr before 6:30. After 6:30 $1/min & up. Recurring after 12:30 & 3:00, $10/15min. You may want to change your child's schedule.

May I donate toys, clothes & supplies? Yes! Outgrown toys & clothes get an exciting new life in our classrooms.

Can we celebrate birthdays at school?

You betcha! We love birthdays!  Bouncer/character/visitor party? All children in all classes must be included. | If providing just treats/snacks, please bring enough for the entire class. Please arrange with teachers.

I would like to help out on a field trip.  

Parents are welcome to attend field trips or visit the school at anytime. Field Trips are open to children 3 years old and potty trained.  Halsey T-Shirt & Permission Slip required.

What is your Emergency Plan?

We hold drills regularly. Our buildings are regularly inspected by Fire & Health Dpts & DSS. If needed  we will evacuate to one of our other  facilities or  Saint Luke's Church. We stock water & food. Infants need 2 wks of formula and baby food. Read our Emergency Plan.

I have a new work number.

Please make changes/updates in your online portal as needed or notify us immediately.

I need to change my schedule. 

Please complete a Change of Schedule Request. Changes take place on the 1st of the month with notice given by the 15th of the previous month.

We love the school but we have to move.  What do I need to do? ALL withdrawals take place on the last day of the month.   Written notice must be given by the 15th by completing a Change of enrollment status form. Lack of attendance does not constitute withdrawal.

How much is the tuition per Month?

No additional fee to attend as early as 6:30.

Infants & Tiny Tots

Ages 6 weeks - 18-24 months

Low ratios at 3-4 children per teacher



1 Day /wk


2 Days/wk


3 Days/wk


4 Days/wk


5 Days/wk


Toddler Center

Ages 18-20 months - 2.2 

Low ratios at 4-6 children per teacher


2 days

3 days

5 days

6:30 - 12:30




6:30 - 03:00




6:30 - 06:30





Ages 2 - 6

Low ratios at 10-12 children per teacher


2 days

3 days

5 days

6:30 - 12:30




6:30 - 03:00




6:30 - 06:30




How should I pay my tuition?

All accounts are required to sign-up for auto direct checking debit (preferred) or  credit card payments. CC charge us a lot of money so we prefer direct debit. parentportal.runsandbox.com/

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