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Admin guide: installation of Unplag plugin (Moodle LMS)

  1. The Unplag Plugin for Moodle LMS
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Install the plugin
  4. Update the plugin to a latest version
  5. Update to Unplag plugin from Unplag plugin without data loss
  6. Configure the Unplag plugin defaults
  7. Test the Unplag plugin
  1. Create a test assignment
  2. Submit test assignment
  1. Configuring System Settings at
  1. About Store original documents feature
  2. About Store in Unplag global index feature
  3. About Similarity sources feature
  1. Adding logo to Unplag PDF reports
  2. I want to suggest a feature, provide feedback

The Unplag Plugin for Moodle LMS

Designed based on educators’ feedback, Unplag is a plagiarism detection engine helping educators spot plagiarism.

To start using the app, please register at or get in touch with the sales team via

It takes a few minutes to set up your account and get the ball rolling. This plugin integrates with assignment, forum and

workshop activities in Moodle to check user-submitted content for plagiarism.

For more information about the Unplag plugin, please visit the Moodle plugin database page

Download the plugin

Go to and search for Unplag plugin -  ‘Unplag’ (“Unplag” is a previous name of Unplag).

Open the plugin page and download the latest version of the plugin. To download the latest version, click Download (when new
version is released, simply update the plugin from the Moodle’s admin interface).

Save the plugin locally on your computer and note the path to the saved file.

Install the plugin

Log in to Moodle LMS as Admin. Go to Site administration and then to the Plugins sections. Select Install plugins.

Note: Ensure Enable plagiarism plugins option is checked in Site administration → Advanced features. This will allow
administrators to configure plagiarism plugins (if installed).

Upload a .zip file (the Unplag plugin) to Moodle and click Install plugin from ZIP file.

After the plugin is uploaded, make sure that you see Validation successful message. If you encounter any problems at this stage,

please contact your Unplag account manager.

Click Continue. Then click Upgrade Moodle database now to finish the installation.

You then will see the Success message. Click Continue.

Installation is complete!

Update the plugin to a latest version

Go to Site administration → Plugins → Plugins overview and review available updates (it is recommended to check for
updates once a month or when you experience technical issues):

Click Install this update and follow the installation steps. Unplag plugin configuration is preserved after update - you do not need to update the key/secret or change settings.

Update to Unplag plugin from Unplag plugin without data loss

1. Update Unplag Plagiarism plugin for Moodle to version 3.0.0 or higher;

2. Finish all adhoc tasks;

3. Install Unplag Plagiarism plugin for Moodle. During installation all Unplag plugin data is copied to Unplag plugin database tables;

4. Uninstall Unplag Plagiarism plugin for Moodle (lose data from old plugin) or disable it (without lose data).


 - Unplag plugin requires Moodle cron to be properly configured. See documentation.  We recommend scheduling cron as often as possible (more often than once per hour).

 - for supporting rar- archives you have to install php-ext using command `pecl install rar`. Find more info on

Configure the Unplag plugin defaults

Go to the admin page for plagiarism plugins: Site administration → Plugins → Plagiarism → Manage plagiarism plugins.

You should see the Unplag plugin in the list of the available plugins. Click Settings.

Configure the default global settings for the Unplag plugin as in example below:

The Unplag plugin (global settings):

Auto check

Enabling the Unplag plugin in Moodle LMS

Client ID & API Secret

Obtain Client ID and API secret from admin account at

  1. Click the link (indicated by arrow) to open INTEGRATION → API Integration at for your account. You may be asked to log in.
  2. Copy API Key from the Unplag account and paste it into the Client ID field in Moodle.
  3. Copy API Secret in the Unplag account and insert it into the API Secret field in Moodle.

Please, note, you may create additional pair of keys for testing or different LMS. Use Generate New App button on the API SETTINGS tab in the account. Alternatively, you may request this information from the Unplag account manager.

Familiarize students with the UNPLAG Privacy Policy

Update the default message if necessary. The message will be displayed to all students on the file upload page.

Enable in Assign activity  

Enable Unplag for the Assignment activity in Moodle (online text and file submission supported).

Enable in Forum activity

Enable Unplag for the Forum activity in Moodle (text reply and file submission supported).

Enable in Workshop activity

Enable Unplag for the Workshop activity in Moodle (text and file submission supported).

Click Save changes.

Switch to the Unplag defaults tab and configure default settings for the Assignment module. 

Auto check

Enable the Unplag plugin by default for the Assignment activity

Manual check

Enable the Unplag plugin by manual scan for previous submissions.

Draft assignment

Enable this option to exclude submission from Institution Library.


  • Doc vs Internet - scans submission vs Internet (pages and files)
  • Doc vs Library - scans submission vs institution’s Unplag account (previous submissions as well as documents uploaded to account)
  • Doc vs Internet + Library (recommended) - scans submission vs Internet and Library at the same time and produces combined report.

Show scores to students

  • Never - similarity score will never be shown to students.
  • Always - similarity score will always be shown to students after submitted paper is scanned by Unplag.

Show reports to students

  • Never - similarity report will never be shown to students.
  • Always - similarity report will always be shown to students after submitted paper is scanned by Unplag.

Hide sources with a match less than (%)

(0% recommended) Unplag similarity detection algorithm can find resources where as small as 8 words phrase coincidence can be detected. Use this feature to make search less sensible.

For example, entering "1" will display only those sources, where the percentage of similarity is 1% or more.

Identify citations and references

(ON recommended) Enable this option to find and exclude properly formatted citations and references. Identified citations and references will not be scanned for similarity.

Max supported archive files

The maximum number of supported files that will be extracted from the archives.

For number range 1-100(inclusive).

Click Save changes.

Test the Unplag plugin

This step helps verify that the plugin is activated, all the settings are correct and that the Unplag report is successfully generated.

Create a test assignment

Log in as a teacher (can use Log in as feature; do not use Switch role to) and create test assignment. Open settings for the
assignment and go to the Unplag
 plugin (UNPLAG plagiarism plugin) settings. Enable the Unplag plugin.

Note: to use Unplag plugin, first set option Require students click submit button to YES (Submissions settings).

Save the settings.

Submit test assignment

Login as a student (can use Log in as feature) and Add submission to the assignment that has been created previously:

If a score and report have been set to be visible for the student, you will be able to see the score and a link to the Unplag report:

Click on the chain icon (HTTP link) to view the Unplag report:

Alternatively, log in as a teacher and go to Assignment. Click View/Grade all submissions to view the test submission.

Click on the chain icon to open the report:

The installation is successful if you can view the Unplag report and similarity score.

Configuring System Settings at

Go to and log in as admin. Click on the profile icon → System settings.

About Store original documents feature

When the option is OFF, we do not store copies of submitted files in your account, and hence, option
Download original files (student files) will be disabled. We will still be able to find similarity matches with the files, however, you
will not be able to export student submissions as a
zip file. By setting this option to ON (default; recommended), you give us
permission to store original documents, submitted by students.

About Store in Unplag global index feature

Unplag global index is a central database that will be shared at some time in the future with all Unplag customers. Customers
will be able to search against this database and spot similarities. By default, this option is disabled. Users from other organizations
will not be able to view the full text of the documents, we will only highlight the similarities in the user's’ submissions.

About Similarity sources feature

This setting only affects admin account at the This setting does not affect Unplag app or
instructor accounts. Keep this option at 0% unless you know what you are doing.

Adding logo to Unplag PDF reports

Go to and log in as admin. Open profile icon → System Settings. Upload the logo in the Design settings section,
Save all.

Once the logo is uploaded, it will appear in all new Unplag PDF reports.

I want to suggest a feature, provide feedback

Feel free to contact Unplag account manager and suggest improvements or provide feedback. We’ll do our best to improve the product/service based on your suggestions.