** This is by no means an exhaustive resource. This is a google doc which means it can be edited and added to anytime. Please feel free to contact me if there are any sources you would like to add. I will equally try my best to keep updating this page when I see new resources. Feel free to share. This is to help us learn and equip ourselves with tools to fight racism in all facets of life.**

If you cannot access any of the books or links please let me know and I will try my best to send you a link or PDF.

Reading on racism within the arts

  • SPACE/RACE READING LIST was collectively produced by a group of architectural historians, art historians, architects, and urbanists in reaction to the August 2017 events in Charlottesville (this is REALLY REALLY comprehensive and reading is organised under sections such as ‘DECOLONISATION’, ‘RACIAL CONSTRUCTION THROUGH FORM/STYLE/AESTHETICS etc)


  • “An Open Letter to Arts Organisations Rampant with White Supremacy” by Nina Chinara via @thedanceunion


  • “Colonial Panorama” by Roger Benjamin (2003)


  • “The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto”


  • “The Tate Galleries and Slavery” Tate’s statement regarding origins of the Tate galleries


  • Alberta Whittle’s performance works, an artist concerned with decolonising institutions. Links to performances can be found on her website.


**should be approached with caution as some of her work’s content could be triggering for Black people as she deals with violence against Black bodies, particularly in relation to transatlantic slavery.

  • “Thoughts on Curatorial Practices in the Decolonial Turn” by Ivan Muñiz-Reed


  • “Art and Knowledge: Towards a Decolonial Perspective”


  • Slaver! Invader! The tour guide who tells the ugly truth about museum portraits” in The Guardian


  • “Colonialism and the Object: Empire, Material and Culture” edited by Tim Barringer and Tom Flynn


  • “Introduction” in Race in Early Modern England: A Documentary Companion by Ania Loomba and Jonathan Burton (2007) select “Introduction” pg 1-36


  • “Introduction” in Black Africans in Renaissance Europe by Kate Lowe (2005) pg 1-16


  • “Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe” by Joaneth Spicer (2013)


  • “Nakedness and Other People’s Thinking: Rethinking the Italian Renaissance Nude” by Jill Burke (2013) in sections select “Africans in Europe” by clicking on footnotes you can find links to various other related sources.


  • “Why museums are bad vibes” by The White Pube


  • “Ideas for a new art world” by The White Pube (resources here for thinking about how we *could* reconstruct the art world)


  • Solange Knowles Ferguson on Black Identity


With thanks to Alberta Whittle, Arabella Bradley (her own reading list in relation to the arts can be found on her instagram @arbella_luisa), Dr Lucy Weir, Prof Jill Burke and Zara Aftab @zara.aftab

Reading on racism within universities

  • “Whitewashing” by Jaheed Hussain via @thisisintern



  • “The University and Social Justice: Struggles Across the Globe” edited by Aziz Choudry, Salim Vally (can’t find an online source to this if you know of any please let me know)

With thanks to S’appelle Mode @sappellemode for recommendations.

General reading on racism

  • FANTASY WORLD MASTER LIST OF RESOURCES ON HOW TO DISMANTLE SYSTEMIC RACISM via @patiafantasyworld (this is the most comprehensive resource I’ve found, has everything you will ever need)


  • Anti-racism resources for white people google doc

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-VlBO-QgirITwCTugSfKie5Fs/mobilebasic (includes films, books and podcasts)

Mental health resources for Black people (via @healthy_ish)

  • Dive in Well (@diveinwell)
  • Sista Afya (@sistaafya)
  • Therapy for Black Girls
  • Heal Haus (@healhaus)
  • Inclusive Therapists (@inclusivetherapists)
  • Ethel’s Club
  • The Nap Ministry (@thenapministry)
  • Black Minds Matter UK (@blackmindsmatter.uk)
  • Self-care tips for Black people feeling overwhelmed by the media via @reignxshine


  • LGBT Foundation: QTIPOC helpline 03453303030
  • Black Mental Health Resources via @albanycope


Other useful links (including links to places to donate to if you able)

  • Black History Month Archives


  • Black Revolutionary Texts (google drive folder - vvv comprehensive)


  • Ways To Help (includes links to places to donate or donate for free, resources, info for protestors etc) THIS IS A SUPER GOOD STARTING POINT FOR ANYONE


  • Institutionalised Racism: A Syllabus by JSTOR (compiled FREE syllabus)


  • Resources via @fusemanchester (includes lots of arts orgs, resources, petitions etc you can also add your own organisation to the list)


  • Series of powerpoint presentations on race and racism via @cacauchakmati


  • Anti-racist allyship starter pack via @ajjtheband


  • How to Communicate with Racist Family Members by @iamsasharose


  • A Guide to White Privilege by @courtneyahndesign


  • Pluto Books (@plutobooks)

Currently doing 50% off all BAME authors (!!!)

  • Anti-Racism Book Club

Info on how to join can be found via @worst_monday_ever or email antiracistbookclub@gmail.com (with your name / address / opt in or out of buying a book)

  • Resources on Anti-Racism Work - Authority Collective / @authoritycollective (includes info specifically regarding Anti-Racist photography)


  • 10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship via @mireillecharper


  • How To Be Actively Anti-Racist via @goodgoodco


  • Racism and the UK: what they didn’t teach me in school via @das.pen.man


  • Virtual Protesting 101 via @sa.liine (includes hashtags to use the algorithms to our advantage)


  • UK Black Racial Justice and Community Orgs and Networks


  • Non-Monetary Support via @mariaxcamille


  • Anti-Racism Challenge via @barristerabi on twitter


  • “1619” podcast
  • “Support Black Creatives” post via @hollidaystclair

Black creatives are tagged in the comments that you can follow / support. Equally tag Black creatives to get them the recognition they deserve.

  • Printable protest safety guide via Vice Magazine


  • “Glasgow’s slave trade past is all around us” via BBC The Social (@bbcthesocialontwitter)


  • A tool to scrub metadata from images to blur identifiable features aka ensure safety of protestors via @everistpipkin on twitter

https://twitter.com/everestpipkin/status/1266936398055170048 // https://everestpipkin.github.io/image-scrubber/

  • Scottish BAME writers network. If you are BIPOC writers, illustrators, publishers or any organisations investing in structural change, you can contact.


  • “Put Britain’s colonial history on the curriculum - then we’ll understand who we really are” by Maya Goodfellow


Instagrams to follow

  • @sarrawild
  • @oh141_
  • @purebred.mongrel
  • @transmissionglasgow
  • @dawnbutlerbrent
  • @officialhackneyabbott
  • @ajabarber
  • @munroebergdorf
  • @aaron__phillip
  • @fusemanchester
  • @authoritycollective
  • @rachel.cargle
  • @aoc
  • @janayathefuture
  • @fillintheblanks
  • @racezine
  • @ual.acs
  • @blackvisionscollective
  • @la_colonie
  • @thefreeblackblackwomenslibrary_la
  • @decolonizetheartworld
  • @alliesdoingwork
  • @repaint.history
  • @nowhitesaviors
  • @theblackcurriculum

Free online courses


Email templates

https://medium.com/@zeenafrances/letter-template-for-your-mp-regarding-blacklivesmatter-791a60fe46b7 via Zeena Starbuck

  • Email Sadiq Khan / your MP (RE: justice for Belly Munjina) via @blackinbritain

https://docs.google.com/document/d/104yD-J54nAukfU04QYAMjHJtWOFhCxNs53yaxzwK3Us/edit // also write a complaint to the British Transport Police via https://www.btp.police.uk/contact_us/give_us_feedback/complaints_against_individuals.aspx + a google doc example of what to write in box regarding the incident


** List of arts organisations and their response to BLM via @layemiikomi


** This email template can be edited to hold brands, companies etc accountable too. Here is a comprehensive guide to brands and their involvement with BLM (compiled by @_mmarnie) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16SSiV7QUeMsWg46YcFXUOGsHAPkssz1inspmS5o75NA/edit#gid=0

** An alternative template to email by @katie_boyle


** An alternative template email by @iwannawrestle


** An alternative template email for arts institutions (there are emails for if an institution has posted about BLM and if they haven’t) via The White Pube


  • Email your university (RE: urge them to address/tackle racism within your institution) via @domlzz


  • Email Gavin Williamson (Secretary of State Education in UK) (RE: to urge the government to reform education + include Black history across the curriculum) via @theblackcurriculum


** If you are in Scotland email John Swinney / john.swinney.msp@parliament.scot

** ALSO fill in this petition “Teach British children about the realities of British Imperialism and Colonialism”


** ALSO fill out this survey (“Impact of Omission Survey”) regarding the racism within the education system (to help build a case that racism is excluded from the curriculum and this needs to change!!!) via @esmiejp on twitter

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5AzoKpB904HmXAXlzJxKAt41YJ0cQ1zRlhMNe7PyfqEdxWA/viewform + follow the progress of this via @impactomission on twitter