Madárka (“little bird” in Hungarian) plays the traditional music you would have heard in the villages of Eastern Europe many years ago, slightly updated.

Drawing from the rich history of Hungarian, Klezmer, Roma, Balkan, and Russian folk music, we take listeners on a lively journey across borders and centuries. Our repertoire is flexible and diverse, encompassing high energy music perfect for circle dancing, Yiddish love ballads, Rom murder ballads, Romanian worker’s songs mixed with Appalachian fiddle, standards and bizarre old tunes you are unlikely to hear anywhere else.

The band includes vocals, fiddle, mandolin, accordion, sax, cello, clarinet, guitar, and percussion. We also play in smaller configurations to meet the specific needs of venues and clients.  

Harry Sweet, on fiddle, mandolin, and voice, brings his knowledge of Yiddish and an extensive Klezmer repertoire, from the standards to the obscure. Jim Luckner, with improvisational chops and instrumental versatility, plays sax, clarinet, and bass clarinet.  Percussionist Fre Atlast, with expertise across traditional genres, showcases a range of rhythms and instruments. Meghan Quinn fills out the group with the sweet reedy harmonies of accordion. Our newest member, Karl Raacke not only anchors the bottom but has strong improvisation chops.


You can watch videos of Madárka performances and download promotional materials on our website, http://madarkaband.com

I hope you are  interested in bringing this unique musical experience to your venue. Thank you for your consideration.

Harry Sweet