cCloud TV for Emby:)

After a lot of requests from users, I have decided to add support for Emby users.Currently there is not much into it since i’m looking for developer who can build an awesome channel for emby users except for an awesome cCloud TV official automated m3u playlist which can be used within Emby IPTV plugin.Since we already have m3u playlist for our Kodi plugin, So i have decided to make one just for Emby users and it can be found at


It's not just regular m3u playlist. It comes with awesome automated features:

If you would like to improve the user experience for Emby users using the m3u playlist, Please feel free to do so. The project is open source and better user experience is always welcomed so feel free to fork and make it better. If you would like to me to make any changes to m3u, Please feel free to let me know. I'm open minded and any feedback will be appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns you can always send me email at thanks:)


*if i have made any grammar errors, Please do forgive me thanks:)*


Special thanks to my brother CA who has helped me, team and users to create the automated m3u playlist possible:)