Mrs. Smith

Economics Syllabus

Economics: Work & Prosperity in Christian Perspective

A Beka Books


        Everybody's Economics

Economics & Economic Laws

The Factors of Production

The Laws of Supply & Demand

The Productive Market Economy

        The Good That Competition Does

        The Efficiency of Production

        Why Everybody Needs to Save

        What Money is Good For

        Government & the Economy

        Successes & Difficulties in the Market Economy

        Promise & Performance in the Command Economy

        A Look at the Global Economy

        A Cheerful View of Our Economic Future


        Reading assignments must be outlined in one color of pen and class notes written in using a different color of pen. Homework questions and worksheets must be answered using blue or black pen. All work must be kept in a three-ring binder designated for Economics only and will be graded on test days for a quiz grade. All in-class grading will be completed in green ink.


25%-Homework graded for accuracy and completion.

25%-Quizzes may be scheduled or given at random.

50%-Tests, current events, and projects will be scheduled.


Current Events (Test Grade)--

        Quiz/Test Schedule--