Notes on Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

Ch 1 the circle of love

Championship ring as symbol

Tribal leadership

Stage 5 culture

Buying into more team oriented approach instead of individual

Ch 2 the Jackson eleven

Mindful leadership

Lead from the inside out

Don't follow what others do

Ditch the ego

Don't try to exert power directly

Let others play leadership role

Let each player discover his own destiny

Let players think for themselves

Learn their individual characters

Road to freedom is a beautiful system

Triangle system strategy

Empowers players and gives creativity

Group problem solving in real time

Turn the mundane into the sacred

Bring individuals together

Unite spirits

Incorporate meditation into the practice

Invent own team rituals

One breath equals one mind

Quiet the chatter in their minds

Mindfulness meditation

Players sitting in silence breathing in sync

Emphasis on openness

The key to success is compassion

Teach simplicity patience and compassion

Keep your eye on the spirit not the scoreboard

Team strongest when stuck together

Sometimes u have to pull out the big stick

Hitting meditator when losing focus

Practice in silence

Scrimmage in darkness

When in doubt do nothing

Especially when involves media

Forget the ring

Don't obsess about outcome

Ch 3 red

Greatest carver does the least cutting

Playing the game the right way

Focus more on defense and ball awareness

Full court press

Pre game rituals

Strengthen spiritual connections before game

Ch 4 the quest

Journey of self discovery

Basketball allowed him to escape parents both ministers and churchm


Beginners mind

Giving up control. Give people room and just watch them.

Trusting the moment. Let go of thoughts of past and future

Living with compassion. Boundless love for all. Meditate in present moment.

Ch 5 dances with bulls

Thelonious monk, jazz

Collaboration and concrete roles

Everyone keeping time

Triangle system

Ch 6 warrior spirit

Needed to learn to work together as team more not just MJ

Gathering in circular formations before and after practice to discuss objectives

No outsiders allowed at practice

Native American rituals

Lakota warriors


Drum in video room

Delegated parts of coaching to others in team

Morning meeting with sub coaches

Ch 7 hearing the unheard

Asking the right questions of team mates

Getting them to solve his problems

Psychological surveys

Taught mindfulness meditation

10 minute sit during practice

Practice in silence

Ch 8 a question of character

Ch 9 bittersweet victory

Self actualization


Humanistic psychology

Assigned different book to each player to read during road trip

Brought in experts to teach yoga and tai chi

Guest speakers like nutritionist, undercover detective, and police warden

Ch 10 world in flux

Coaching is giving signal in some way to a player and having them acknowledge their mistake

Ch 11 basketball poetry

Stage 5 leadership team

Find the unique way to communicate with each different person: physical, emotional, verbal, example

Structured practices with clear agenda ahead of time

Daily 10am strength workout

Used videos of old movies inter spliced with game footage to teach lessons and pump up team

Fly in to games night before to let players have more time to rest and adjust

Ch 12 as the world turns

Zen: Everything changes, accept life

Ch 13 the last dance

Enemies and conflict give us gift of testing our strength

Ritual of writing down and sharing what the experience together as team had meant

Ch 14 one breath one mind

To bond lakers players together

Ch 15 the eightfold offense

Taught Kobe to be more team player

Right view

Right thinking

Right speech to self and others

Right action

Right livelihood

Right effort

Right mindfulness

Right concentration

Ch 16 the joy of doing nothing

Tao non action


Without interference from conscience

Annual road trip and book giving

Players had to turn in book reports

Chop wood carry water attitude

Be calm no matter what

Ch 17 123 lakers

Three peat

Team trusting each other

Ch 18 the wisdom of anger

Anger focuses the mind and helps to bring about change

Sitting with your anger

Competition between Kobe and shaq worsening team performance

Got fired as lakers coach

Took 7 week trip to clear mind

Ch 19 chop wood carry water

Sabbatical in Australia

Ch 20 destiny's children

Leadership about letting go

Ch 21 deliverance

Ch 22 this game is in the refrigerator

Last game lost

How to deal with loss

Become an active participant in dealing with loss


Let go

Surrender to what is

Books he recommends

Tao of leadership

Maslow, the farther reaches of human nature

Zen mind beginners mind (Armstrong)

A monk in the world

Song of Solomon

Things fall apart

Ways of white folks

Joshua a parable for today

Way of the Peaceful warrior

On the road

Beavis and butthead this book sucks

Kabot zinn wherever u go there u are

Shunruki not always so


Corelli's mandolin

The zen leader

His books

sacred hoops

The last season