Bronyville Episode 135 - Friendship Goes a Little Batty

Time : Saturday, Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 13X recorded on December 28th, 2013. I am your host Apple Cider





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Topic Time! - Bronies for Good 2013 Retrospective


         Mor info:

Episode Discussion: BATS, Batponies and Cliffhangers oh my!!! (Why so many cliffhangers this season?)

IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT EPISODE! : Merriweather, not Megan!


Good day sirs and sirsetz,

Piquo Pie here with your weekly reminder to email me about receiving you copy of Past Sins, or having me send the copy to the raffle winner. Whichever Starry decides as she is probbably the one who would follow up. I mean seriously, it's not like Cider knows English and Sandy is obviously way to busy being popular on other podcasts.

Speaking of other things, Bats, quite nice. Much better than that sad super hero episode where all the ponies except Rarity became less powerful. Seriously, they all had the same abilites, not even powers, abilities that they normally had, even Fluttershy's. Mad equals win except it's  win through brute power and doing harm vs a balanced well developed... GAH, never mind, so far I have only heard 1 person who shares my opinion and this is a tangent.

So have a question. If Sandy had to grow only one department for the next theoretical Nightmare Nights, Which would it be.


dear princess celest- wait,hey cider and sandy, my names Spectral

Charm,and i was emailing to say hi and thank you for all the hard work

you put into this fandom. i love listing to you guys while i draw or

play videogames,i often find my self laughing my head off. so thanks

for all your effort,and Trixie is best pony your faithful listner

Spectral Charm.

Dear Bronyville:

Here are 5 basic ideas I just came up with that could fuel amazing Applejack episodes:

  1. A plague on the farm
  2. Applejack has to manage the farm alone
  3. Wrong hat! What do!
  4. Everyone wants her to fix their stuff, overworking her
  5. Orange Family Orange Juice outsells the Apple Family Apple Cider


Dear Appla Cider, Sandy and guists?


- Your faithful Daniel

Hello to all and everyone on the show,

I would like to say thank you for bringing us a most enjoyful show each and every week with such wonderful guest, along with news and such. Just wondering what you're thought's are on the end of the new episode when we got a close up of Fluttershy still sporting those vampire fangs while they were all laughing.

Also will we see any more of Flutterbat cause Fluttershy as Flutterbat was just awesome and so 180% cooler then Rainbow Dash. Also if anyone notice the new episode was an Applejack and Fluttershy episode which meant a little agreeing and disagreeing. Fluttershy encountered a new animal/problem.

What I got Christmas was just cash which I spent on a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 10 disc box set in a metal box which is just awesome cause I missed watching Jason David Frank in action as a Power Ranger from the start. Also there is a 1980's collectors tin of MLP with all the episode's I think.

you're faithful listener

Prince Lightning Hoof

Good day Bronyville analysis cast.

So I was on my trip last week, to meet Sidsel.
She did not hit me when we meet, but she did give me a hug.
We started out by going to a museum that had the worlds oldest chicken egg.
The silence was deafening,  we nearly didn’t talk for the hour we spent at the museum.
Afterwards we when for coffee and talked for the next 7 hours, before I took the train home.
I do not know How I feel about her, what do I do?
She is good looking, we can talk and I have only meet he in a public place once. so I still need to find out how she is in private, but I can’t really figure it out, maybe I’m just on the wrong wavelength.

Twisted Haywire.
P.s. Maybe it is because I am comparing her with my lesbian ex-girlfriend, who is now one of my best friends.
P.P.S. STARRY what do I need to do?

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Our long march to actually getting every episode in our backlog ends! We’ll have everything you need by the end of this week so do not fret! This week we brought on the Bronies For Good, Notably Rommel and DJ Clacos stop by to talk a little about how batty they were for this weeks episode. That’s all. No going to subject you to further bat puns. I want you to still hang around after all this.

Apple Cider

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