Dash is making driving smarter using data and connected devices.  We are building a platform, the automotive graph, to make the roads safer, more social and more affordable.

Experienced or green we're looking for creative engineers who can solve complex problems simply.


We're gathering the largest collection of data around driving, ever. We're looking for self-starting, entrepreneurial engineers who can write scalable code and solve complex problems simply, beautifully and humbly.  Writing large concurrent systems to process huge data is hard, challenging and most importantly, we think, fun.  Apply


Dash loves Android.  In fact, we built our first application on the Android platform because of its openness, feature sets and all around awesomeness.  If you're an engineer who cares about efficiency, reliability and simplicity as much as beautiful design and pixel perfection you'd be a great fit on our team.  Apply


Dash is pushing the boundaries of iOS development.  We're building an application to efficiently and continuously run in the background collecting an enormous data set all within the package of a beautiful and intuitive user interface.  Crafting this experience for drivers takes passion and creative thinking, it's also enormously fun.  Apply


Dash wants to make driving as social and fun as it is useful.  We're building an exciting and engaging web experience for all drivers.  We're leveraging the latest web technologies to do this as well as opening up our API for others to do the same.  Doing what was never before possible with driving data is what keeps us, happily, up at night.  Apply


Dash wants to re-inspire driving with design. The romance of the open road is our backdrop for beautiful and simplistically elegant design across all our products.  With design and data we can make driving more social, fun and economically rewarding.  Apply