Game Design

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is for anyone who loves gaming and wants to design and build original games from scratch. Students learn how to use popular game-development software to create engaging, interactive games in a variety of styles. After learning about game genres, students learn about all aspects of the game-design process. From there, it’s on to a series of increasingly challenging hands-on projects that teach all the elements of successful game development.




MATERIALS LIST: Software: Multimedia Fusion 2.5 (Standard). System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system; 1 GHz or faster processor; 256 MB of memory (RAM); at least 2 GB of available hard drive space.


Unit 1: Course Overview

• Start the Course

• Set Up Your Computer

• Set Up a Browser

• Download Resources and Zip Assignments

Unit 2: Project 1: Ping

• Set Up the Background

• Make Game Objects

• Add Paddles

• Bounce the Ball

• Move the Paddles

• Test and Select Positions

• Keep Score

• Add Text and Sound

• Add a Title Screen

Unit 3: Project 2: Ice Breakers

• Add a Library

• Add Backgrounds

• Add Snowboards and a Snowball

• Add the Paddle

• Add Ice Cubes and Sound

• Add Lives

• Keep Score

Unit 4: Project 3: Cat Burglar

• Set Up the Game

• Add the Cat and Maze

• Add Keys and Treasure

• Add Blades

• Move the Blades

• Spin the Blades

• Change the Cat

• Make Start, Win, and Lose Screens

• Connect the Frames

Unit 5: Project 4: Alien Attack

• Set Up the Game

• Add Spaceships

• Add Aliens

• Create the Shield

• Shoot the Aliens

• Add a Particle System

• Add a Health Meter

• Add Challenge

• Make Start and End Frames

Unit 6: Project 5: Pest Busters

• Set Up the Game

• Add Objects on Layers

• Scroll the Layers

• Control the Ships

• Add Pest Enemies

• Track Points and Lives

• Add Bonuses

• Create a One-Player Version

Unit 7: Project 6 – Amazon Adventure

• Set Up the Game

• Add the Backdrop and Scientist

• Move the Scientist

• Add ladders and Platforms

• Add Collection Objects

• Add Obstacles

• Drop Pineapples