Digital Writing

Today you are going to learn about Digital Writing by experiencing Digital Writing.

Please make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser.


Rough Draft, Editing, Revising



Follow these directions and put yourself in the shoes of your students...

  1. Click on FILE>Make a Copy
  2. Rename your doc: Last name, First Name Writing Process
  3. Share your document with

If You’re Not from the Prairie - by David Bouchard


Google to Google Drawing in Google Drive and create a graphic organizer to help you plan your digital writing project.


Or Lucid Chart

TRY IT: Go to Google Drawing and create your brainstorm.

Rough Draft, Editing, Revising

TRY IT: Write 3 sentences about each of your “You don’t know...” topics.  Follow this pattern.

If You’re Not from Aspen, you don’t know snow, you can’t know snow.

The snow...

The snow...

The snow...

If You’re Not from Aspen, you don’t know snow, you can’t know snow.

Your Turn below...


NEXT: Use the research tool in Google Docs to add some links and images to your document.

Make sure to cite your sources

Research Tool



NEXT: Share your doc with 2 people in the room!

Peers: Highlight an area in the writing above.

Insert>comment - 3 -2 -1

3 - Questions

2 - Comments

1 - Compliment

Remember: Make sure to check in a do some Editing and Revising after your peers have edited your writing.


NEXT: Copy your text and use it in a...

Try It:  Choose a tool below to publish your digital writing

Google Docs - Make your writing a web page

Google Presentations - Online presentation

Storybird - Digital Book

Glogster - Digital Posterboard

Animoto - Free Limited access. Need Login.

Voice Thread - Free for 3 uploads, unlimited times. Take one down and upload another.

Teacher creates login and makes “profiles” for students.

Voki - Animated Avatar

Go Animate - Create animated cartoons

Blabberize - Animate an image

Little Bird Tales - Record voice over drawings

Blogger - Create a blog - a web journal

Google Sites Writing or ePortfolio - A web page for all your writing

WeVideo (or add it to Google Drive by Create>Connect More Apps)  Create and Edit Video (only export to YouTube)

Stupeflix - Mix photos, videos and music to create videos (no voice recording)

Prezi - Zoomable presentations

PowToon - Create Animated Presentations online

Student Examples of the above Digital Storytelling Activities