Critical Editions

*USC Digital Voltaire 

Vetusta Monumenta: Ancient Monuments, a Digital Edition

Ethan Frome: A Digital Scholarly Edition 

A Digital Edition of Charles Dickens: Two Stories of Childhood

The Digital Piranesi

Claude McKay's Early Poetry (1911-1922): A Digital Collection

The Kiplings and India: A Collection of Writings from British India, 1870-1900 

*Digital Paxton

Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance: African American Women Writers 1900-1922

Benjamin Franklin and All His Witty Remarks: A Critical Edition of Three of Benjamin Franklin's Writings

Digital Exhibits

*Our Dark Materials: Rediscovering an Egyptian Collection

*Creating Shakespeare

*Mirrors and Mass: Wayne Thom’s Southern California

Further into Imperfecta 

Reading Nature, Observing Science: Examining Material Practices in the Lick Observatory Archives and Kenneth S. Norris Papers

The Tale of Genji from Princesses to Pop

Welcome to Venice West: Audio Recordings from the Lawrence Lipton Papers

Des Coiffures pour l’histoire : un descriptif des gravures dans l’almanach de Marie-Antoinette, Le Trésor des Graces

Unpinning History: Japanese Posters in the Age of Commercialism, Imperialism, and Modernism

A Case of Hysteria

Digital Monographs

*When Melodies Gather: Oral Art of the Mahra (Stanford University Press)

Restricted Access: Media, Disability, and the Politics of Participation (NYU Press)

Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom: A Practical Introduction for Teachers, Lecturers, and Students (Bloomsbury Press)

As I Remember It (University of British Columbia Press)
Black Quotidian (Stanford University Press)

Constructing the Sacred (Stanford University Press)

Book Companions

Why Busing Failed: Race, Media, and the National Resistance to School Desegregation (UC Press)

*Installation Archive: A Capsule Aesthetic (U. of Minnesota Press)

Our Beloved Kin: Remapping A New History of King Philip's War  (Yale. U. Press)

Phantom Skies and Shifting Ground: Landscape, Culture, and Rephotography in Eadweard Muybridge's Illustrations of Central America (Temple University Press)

Civic Media Project (MIT Press)

*Complex TV (NYU Press)

Single-Authored Research Projects


Gospel Thrillers: Conspiracy and the Bible in Popular Culture 

Our Bodies, Ourselves and Seventies Body Culture

Athletes Behaving Badly

THERE – Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution: Foundation of a Research Program

Multi-Authored Research Projects

Artifacts of Immigration

*Bodies and Structures

Lost in the City: An Exploration of Edward P. Jones's Short Fiction

*Critical Digital Sovereignties

Class Projects

*Sailing the British Empire : The Voyages of The Clarence, 1858-73

A Very Long Engagement: Nineteenth-Century Sculpture & Its Afterlives

The Social Construction of Media: Social Media, Culture, and Everyday Life

Cass Gilbert's Woolworth Building

Anglo-American Music Theater I

Saint-Domingue Lost: Imperial French Narratives of the Haitian Revolution

Against the Current: Collective works on State Violence, identity and Resistance

Student Research Projects


*Making the Frontier Home: Stories from the Steamboat Bertrand

Sex Trafficking: Exploring Agency

Course Content Systems

Brock University ERSC 1P94 Planetary Science

Beyond the Boundaries of Fantasia: An ancient imagining of the future of leadership

Journal Issues

*Urban Sights (Urban History)

Itinera’s Displacements: A Roundtable (Journal18)

Journal Series

The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945 (The Space Between Society)

Journal Articles

*Bad Object 2.0: Games and Gamers (G|A|M|E)

Digital Anthology

The Videographic Essay: Criticism in Sound and Image - Revised edition

Thesis & Dissertations

Shining Lights: Magic Lanterns and the Missionary Movement, 1839—1868

RE-VISUALIZING CARE: the digital assemblage

*Sound and Documentary in Cardiff and Miller's Pandemonium

In Camera: a Video Practice of Living, Learning and Connecting

Archival Research Guides

The Prague Spring Archive

Primeros Libros de las Américas: Utilizing the Digital Archive

Transcription Projects

Transcribing Modern Manuscripts

Transcribing Faith

Research Environments

FemTechNet Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook

Chicana Diasporic, A Nomadic Journey of the Activist Exiled

Misc. Museum Projects

Review (Enhanced Digital Version): Mimi Gardner Gates and Josh Yiu, eds. Chinese Painting & Calligraphy. Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 2011.

Inside Decoys from Shelburne Museum 

“If were”

Critical Archives


*Performing Archives


Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century


Keys to Directing

Digital Documentaries


From Third Cinema to Media Justice: Third World Majority and the Promise of Third Cinema

Non-linear Narratives

Daddy Labyrinth

*Redshift & Portalmetal

Custom Design Scalar Projects

Freedom’s Ring

The Knotted Line

Scalar Documentation

Scalar User’s Guide

Page Layout and Widget Examples

Structural Examples (PDF)