September Life Lab  


Welcome to Life Lab,

Happy September Parents.  I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and the Life Lab course that your child is enrolled in.  The life lab class is based around the school garden and your child will have a lot of interaction and engagement with that space.  My name is Eric Wolf and I have been teaching at SIS for 13 years.  I spent the first 10 years as a science teacher in the teams and have transitioned into my new role as the life lab instructor over the past few years.  I am very excited for the unique opportunity that this course offers  your child.  I strongly believe that they will learn valuable information and engage in unique experiences throughout the year.

The life lab class will be an opportunity for your students to get their hands dirty doing some real gardening while learning all about seeds, plants, soil, and other garden related topics in the process.  This course will also challenge them to to think about big questions, such as, “Where does my food come from?”  and “How can we be certain that there will be enough food for generations to come?”  Woven throughout the course will be a message of sustainability and how we can all play our part to be thoughtful environmental stewards.  

I will be sending out a monthly newsletter at the beginning of each month highlighting the main concepts and lessons that we will be discussing during class.  As for September, we will be spending a large amount of time out in the garden harvesting the fall crop and watching some cool season plants as they grow.  Students will brush up on making observations and understand how that differs from an inference.  We will also begin planning our winter garden for the hoop house.  We will experiment with the greenhouse effect and learn why greenhouses are an effective tool for the winter.  After researching Eliot Coleman (he is a Maine farmer who fine-tuned the New England winter garden plan), we will plan our garden using the correct crops and some will have the opportunity to plant their gardens in the hoop house for observation and enjoyment over the winter.

A preview of October will have us continuing our time in the garden harvesting vegetables and performing the fall maintenance tasks.  Students will have an opportunity to learn more about the tools that are used in the garden and learn about seeds, plant anatomy, and the importance of soil as we begin to grow and observe plants indoors.  

A few times throughout the year, I will put out a request for specific supplies to help with a project.  However, I wanted to let you know some of the items that we can always use at any time.  Feel free to send these items in with your child or drop them off at the school if you are able.  I sincerely thank you in advance for any materials you are able to donate to the class.


If you ever need to contact me, please do not hesitate.  The best way to reach me is via email:  I look forward to a great year with your child.