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[COLLEGE NAME] launches Merit [Benefits for Athletics]



[COLLEGE NAME] has joined hundreds of institutions in the US using [Hyperlink the word “Merit” to your institution’s Merit page] to recognize students and connect stories of success and achievement to our institution’s key stakeholders.

How does this benefit Athletics?

Merit scales your ability to get the word out to a massive audience about student-athletes and your athletic program.

Merit makes it easy to repurpose existing athletics content into personalized stories about each student-athlete. These stories are delivered right to their former high schools, the sports reporter at their hometown newspapers, state legislators and family and friends. This demonstrates to external stakeholders the full picture of student-athletes and their success.

With built-in features like straight to sports desk and editorial bypass, Merit can help you reach thousands of stakeholders with stories about your student-athletes while building the reputation of your athletic program and reaching prospective-athletes.

Please let me know if you’re interested in learning more. Our office can help you collaborate with the rest of campus in highlighting milestone accomplishments that showcase your student-athletes experience on and off the field.

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[COLLEGE NAME] launches Merit



[COLLEGE NAME] has joined hundreds of institutions in the US and is now using Merit to recognize students and connect stories of success and achievement to our institution’s key stakeholders. Merit is an important way to address prevailing public narratives questioning the value of college by showcasing personalized examples of the value we provide.


All of our students will now have a Merit page online: a public, professional profile that [COLLEGE] can update with their achievements, like presenting research at a conference, winning an academic competition, earning a scholarship, performing in a production, serving in a student leadership role, or doing community service work. It’s easy for us to update multiple Merit pages at once, so if dozens of students participate in or achieve something noteworthy, we can recognize them for it.


Our institution sees a great benefit from updating student Merit pages: those updates are also pushed out to social networks, sent to every student’s high school, shared with government officials, and even sent to hometown newspapers. It’s an opportunity for us to tell our story to a large and deeply engaged group of stakeholders in a way that connects each of them with a personalized “proof point” of a student that they know excelling here.


You can learn more about our involvement with Merit and its benefits to Athletics here:

What you can do

Would you like to show off your students and their accomplishments via Merit? It’s simple. Our point person for Merit is [NAME], [TITLE].


When you’d like to recognize a group of your students, please send [him/her/me] the following:


·      A list of the students to be included (for example, all inductees to your departmental honor society, or all students who presented research at the symposium).

·      A one paragraph summary of the accomplishment or story

·      Any photos or links to supplement the story


[I/the point person] will review submissions and follow-up if additional information is needed.


I’m looking forward to recognizing and promoting your students and programs with Merit!