Why am I here?

We don’t know. Hopefully you registered to compete in MegaMinerAI or MST’s AI class via and are here looking for help and docs.

I get a “no matching key exchange method found” error when trying to clone my repo

If your error is something like:

no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

Then you are probably on Windows, trying to clone our repos down. This is due to the OpenSSH implementations on Windows, especially when using git via the windows path in cmd or powershell.

If you’re having this issue, try running this command:

export GIT_SSH_COMMAND='ssh -o KexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1'

An alternative on Windows is to download Git Bash:

When installing it, opt for Git Bash over adding git to your windows' PATH, then launch Git Bash, run:

Alternatively, you can fix this by following the steps on this guide for the command line interface of your choice on Windows:

My C++ Client won’t make it just spits out errors.

If you cloned your client to your SDRIVE, don’t. The school network messes with directories in there and the tools C++ needs to build will not build in there. Instead build outside the SDRIVE (such as a folder in your home ~ folder).

./run is asking for weird things

Don’t use ./run to run games on our test game server. Instead we have given you a ./testRun script which will connect to our test server. You will need to provide a game session, such as:
./testRun mySuperAwesomeGameSession

Can I specify a different starting time on the game server?

Yes! By default each game has a different starting time, such as 1 minute for MegaMinerAI games and 15 minutes for Chess; however during testing we understand you may want more time.

To do so, assuming you are using the ./testRun script with your client, just do:

./testRun mySuperAwesomeGameSession --gameSetting startTime=60

The number you specify as the startTime is measured in seconds, so convert accordingly! Also note that this start time applies to both players in that test session.

During the arena you cannot specify this start time, so only count on this for testing.

I start up 2 sessions in each terminal and they connect, but the game never starts?

This issue is most likely due to you not being connected to the wifi connection “MST” and are possibly connected to “MST-Guest”; make sure you are connected to the wifi named “MST”.

How can I get live help?

Flag down a dev to help you, they should be wearing matching shirts. Otherwise we can help online via our Discord server.