Concept Assignments - Graph Rational Functions

Directions - All problems must be completed

Proficient - Complete these problems on a separate sheet of paper.  They will be checked and might be collected.  You must fully show and organize your work to make checking easy.  Sloppy or incomplete work on these must be redone.  Complete all “proficient” problems on the same page even if they are from different lessons.

Lesson 12.1 - Pages 769-


7-10, 18, 19, 30-32, 44-47, 49-51, 53

Lesson 12.2- Pages 779-

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS - You do not need to graph by hand.  Use a graphing calculator or  Graph the function using technology.  Identify the asymptotes, domain and range.


6-14 even, 20-26 even, 32-35, 38