Grading Policy

Major Grades and Retesting

If students score below a 70% on a major grade, they will have an opportunity to retest or redo major grades for up to a 70%. Students must work with the teacher to relearn the material or master the necessary skills before they retest or redo the assignment or test. Students must notify the teacher within one class of receiving a failing grade on a major assessment that they wish to retest (i.e. they must tell the teacher by the next class and begin making plans as to what they are required to do first and when the retest will be).

Students are limited to one retest per major assessment.  For example, if a student does not pass the Unit 1 test, the student can retest once.  If the student fails the Unit 1 retest, there will not be a second retest for the Unit 1 test.  If the student does not pass the Unit 2 test, however, that test can be retested once as well, etc.

All retests must take place prior to the end of the quarter grading period in which the major grade was assigned, with the exception of major grades that originally are scheduled in the final week of the first or third quarter.

Late Work

For graded work turned in late, 10 points will be deducted from the assignment per school day.  Work that is five or more class days late cannot receive higher than a 50.  Required Saturday School attendance may be assigned for chronic late work.

Late work will not be accepted for a grade after the end of the quarter.

Assignments that are based on class participation or completion may not be accepted late.

 Excused Absences

Absences may be excused for reasons such as illness, religious observance, emergency doctor’s visits, bereavement, or other necessary and justifiable absences approved by the principal.  Please contact the attendance office for an absence to be excused, in advance of the absence if the absence is planned.

Students with excused absences will have two class days to make up the work for the first day of absence and one additional class day for each subsequent day of absence.



Unexcused Absences

Any graded assignment missed  or not turned in by the deadline due to unexcused absences will be treated as late (see Late Work above).  Unexcused missing assignments not turned in by the end of the quarter grading period (9 weeks) will receive a zero.  Tests or semester exams that are missed due to unexcused absences that occur at the end of a quarter or semester grading period can be made up after the end of the quarter grading period (9 weeks) for a maximum grade of 70.

Please contact the attendance office well in advance of any planned absences to assure that the absences will be considered to be excused.


Credit Recovery

If a student fails the fall semester exam and fails the entire semester, he or she may have an opportunity to work with the individual teacher to demonstrate mastery and to make up that credit for up to a 70 by completing a customized plan. This plan is arranged with the teacher to achieve necessary skills of the curriculum in order to retake the mid-term and pass the course. If, however, the student fails the entire course for the year, the student will be responsible for obtaining the credit through summer school at their local ISD campus or doing some form of an online class through an approved institution. Parents will have to work with the principal of the secondary school in order to be sure that necessary steps are taken to earn credit for the course.