2019 Church Calendar

Verse of the Month

Psalm 116:12


Mission of the Month


D6:  The riches of grace.  This study of the book of Ephesians explores the riches of blessings and protections for believers through a grace-based relationship with God.  Students can glean valuable instruction and encouragement in recognizing that the gift of salvation is through faith in the work of Christ, as a result of God’s undeserved favor, not something that must be earned by personal merit.

June 24-29        Teen Camp

June 26        Encounters with Jesus:  The Right Hand of the Father

Summer VBS 3

June 30        AM:  Share the Responsibility of Your Church

                D6 SS:  The Armor of God

U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

PT:  Mitchell, Caleb J., Leanna, Ava

S:  P. Smart

D6 Weekend

SRAM – Angie Windley: Psalm 146:2-10, page #525 in Pew Bible


Mission of the Month

Miguel in Cuba

D6:  How choices affect the legacy of faith.  The brief study of the later kings of Israel reveals the effect of leadership and individual integrity.  Students can evaluate the decisions made by good and bad leaders, examine how those actions affected others for generations, and determine to make the hard choices necessary to perpetuate the faith.

July 3                No activities

July 7                AM:  Serve Your Church

                D6 SS:  Faithfully Serving in God’s Power

U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

PT:  Eric, Mitchell, Lexi, Megan

S:  D. Putney

PM:  Baptism

Deacon Meeting after Lunch

July 10        Encounters with Jesus:  The Courage of Mary

                Week 4 VBS

July 12

                10AM Water-slide and water-balloons

July 14        AM:  Support Your Church

                D6 SS:  The Impact of Choices

U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

S:  A. Bagley

                PT:  Les, Peyton, Lexi, Melisa

                PM:  BM?

July 17        Summer VBS 5

                Adult Bible study?

July 20        9 am Blueberry Picking at Creekside Farms

National Youth Competition in Cincinnati, Ohio: July 21-24, 2019

July 21        AM:  Pastor Derek

                D6 SS:  Humbly Observing God’s Word

U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

                PT:  Megan, Les, Leanna, Caleb J.

                S:  A. Cowan

                No PM

July 24        No Activities

July 28        AM:  Passing the Torch

                D6 SS:  The Consequences of Disobedience

U: Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

PT:  Peyton, Les, Ava, Lexi

S:  D. Woolard

July 31        Summer VBS 6



D6:  The good news of salvation by faith.  Our world is in turmoil, and myriad voices offer opposing philosophies and solutions.  The Christian worldview argues that Christ is the only answer to the problems of the world.  This study proposes the gospel of Christ is the Good News that can remedy the brokenness in individual lives and our world.

August 4        Transition

                D6 SS:  The Gospel is Powerful

U: Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

PT:  Les, Caleb C., Melisa, Ava

S:  C. Carroll

Deacon Meeting

August 9

                10 am kids bowl free at rainbow lanes

August 11

                D6 SS:  The Gospel Demands to Be Shared

U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

PT:  Eric, Peyton, Lexi, Leanna

S:  P. Smart

August 18

                D6 SS:  The Gospel Changes Lives

U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

PT:  Caleb J., Les, Ava, Melisa

S:  D. Putney

August 21

                VBS Performance

August 25

                D6 SS:  The Gospel Changes the Culture

U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

PT:  Peyton, Eric, Lexi, Ava

S:  A. Bagley

August 28

                Back-to-School Bash

September 1 U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

                S:  A. Cowan  

September 8

First-Responders Sunday

U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

                S:  D. Woolard

September 15                

U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

S:  C. Carroll

September 22              

U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

S:  P. Smart

September 29              

         U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

        S:  D. Putney


October 6      U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

October 13    U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

October 13, 2019  Harvest Child Care Ministries at 6:00 PM

October 20                   U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

October 27                   U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll


November 3                 U:   Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

November 10                U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

                        8:30 & 10:30 Todd Smith Foundation Introduction

                        6pm Todd Smith Estate Planning Presentation

November 17                U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

November 24                U:  Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

December 1                  U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

December 8                  U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll

December 15                U:   Wayne and Wyatt Bowen

December 22                U:  Jeff Wall and Jeff Thompson

December 29                U:  Paul Smart and Chris Carroll


Week 1: Shelby, Connie, Paul & Linda, Kathy

Week 2: Shelby, Donna & Wayne, Dale & Leah

Week 3: Shelby, Dianne, Jay & Cindy, Alvin and Renee Bagley

Week 4: Shelby, Robyn & Brenda, Jeff & Melise, Donald and Linda Windley

Week 5: Shelby, Susan Lafone & Marjorie

Operation Christmas Child start collection in July--Christmas in July


Church Officers

Church Clerk:  Dena Case

Deacons:  Les Strickland, Robert Chappell, Anthony Cowan, and Chris Carroll

Trustees:  John Wiggins, James Strickland, Neil Jarman, Neil Windley, and David Putney              

Treasurer:  Kathy Carroll

Finance Committee:  Joy Jarman, Michelle Tan, Jay Frick, and Jeff Thompson