Currently the membership list at the Decew Gun Club is capped.   However, if you wish to submit a membership application we can put you on the waiting list and will hold it in queue.  As vacancies occur we offer them to people on the waiting list in the order that their applications were received.

It should be noted that unless the membership cap is raised this year (and this would happen no earlier than late November at the Annual General Meeting) we do not expect any membership openings until early 2018 and we already have about 40 applications on file.  However, there is no cost involved to be on the list and if vacancies occur but you are no longer interested in the club when you are contacted about joining you can just say you no longer wish to be considered for membership.

If you send in an application DO NOT send payment.  We only require payment when applicants are accepted as probationary members.

1. 2017 MEMBERSHIPS: Now that the membership dues have been established for 2017 ($132 + CSSA) you may submit your application renewals.  To keep our membership information as current as possible all members must complete a renewal form each year.  I sent out the forms previously but have attached another one for your convenience.  Place it along with your payment in the drop box at the club or mail it to: Treasurer Paul Justus, 2975 Cataract Rd., Fonthill, ON L0S 1E6.  Paper copies are now available at the club.

All applications must be received no later than Jan. 31, 2017.

Also, I am getting numerous inquiries from people wishing to join the Decew club.  At the moment the membership is capped.  However, we expect that there will be some current members who will not renew for 2017 which should create some vacancies.

If you know anyone interested in joining please advise them to fill out an application ASAP and send it in WITHOUT PAYMENT.  We are holding the applications in the order they were received and as vacancies come up we will be offering those membership spots to people in that order.  If they accept they will submit the required dues at that time.

2. NIAGARA PENINSULA PISTOL CLUB: As most of you know, the Niagara Peninsula Pistol Club has been a long time tenant at the Decew Gun Club (and Niagara Regional Police club before that).  The NPPC rents our facilities on Thursday evenings throughout the year.  In the warmer weather this is not an issue as both the indoor and outdoor ranges are available.  However, in the colder weather when most shooting moves indoors crowding can become a problem.  Therefore, Decew members should keep in mind that NPPC has priority on Thursday nights and the range may not be available until after they have finished.  Once the NPPC shooters are done Decew members may use the indoor range until 11 PM.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Gerry Gamble.