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March 22

Bible Story of the Week:  The  Prodigal Son

What is Slander?   *Telling lies about other people.

Which Commandment forbids lying?  *8th

When you blame someone else for something that you have done, which commandment have you broken?     *Acts of the Apostles, this Greek deacon debated with the Jews and he always  won.  He was stoned to death.     *Stephen

Can you find the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible.

Which commandment do you break if you cheat on a test at school?    **th

In the  

March 16

Every human being has a body and a ________that will live forever.   *soul

True or false:   Every human being is made in God’s image and has dignity.  (Dignity means that they have worth, value, and honor).     *T

Life is a great gift from ___________.    *GOD

Abortion, which is the killing of an unborn child, is a grave sin against the _________commandment.      *5th

This saint was a nun in Lebanon who became blind and paralyzed.  She offered her pain and suffering to God.   *St. Rafka

Which commandment forbids damaging other people’s property?       *7th

Which commandment forbids cheating on a test?      *7th

this saint gave all his money away and became a hermit in the desert in Egypt.      *St Anthony the Great


February 15

Which prophet challenged the prophets of Baal to a contest?  *Elias (Elijah)

February 9th

True or false:  Prayer is talking and listening to God, and the main reason we pray is to grow closer to God in friendship.       *T

True or false:   If you want to obey God’s commandments, you must pray.    *T

Name one of the things that prayer does for us.   * (any of the following) Helps us seek forgiveness, Helps us forgive others, strengthens us to resist temptation, protects us from evil and harm.

This holy monk lived in Lebanon and many miracles have taken place with his intercession.  He  became a monk when he was a teenager, and prayed a lot.   Who is he?  *St. Sharbel

January 13  (ch9--ch11)

What is the first commandment?  * I am the Lord your God:  you shall not have other gods besides me.

Can money, possessions, fame, or power be false idols that people worship today?   *yes

This Maronite saint refused to worship the false sun god and was cut up and beheaded.  Who was he?       *Saint James Intercisus

What is the second commandment?   *respect God’s name

This saint’s name means “golden tongued”  because he was a great preacher.     *St. John Chrysostom

What is the third commandment?    *Remember to keep Sunday holy.

November 24th (No class next week) Our next class and contest will be on December 8th.

What feast day do we celebrate on December 8th? *the Immaculate Conception

True or False: To be good Maronites we must know Jesus as a friend, know what he has taught, and put his teaching into action in our lives. *T

What are the 3 Theological virtues? *Faith, Hope and Love

This Bishop was called the “wonder worker” because of the many miracles that God worked through him. When the plague (a terrible disease) made many people sick, this Bishop went out to take care of the sick and feed them. His feast day is Nov 17. *Saint Gregory the Wonder Worker

Before the Apostles died, they chose other men to take their place and teach about Jesus. Today we call these church leaders ______________ *Eparchs (or Bishops)

Who is the leader of all the Maronite Churches? The Patriarch

Which Bishop is the leader of all the Catholic churches of the world? The Pope

True or False: The Pope writes letter to all the Churches called Encyclicals *T

This Syrian Deacon was famous as a great teacher. He is called “Pillar of the Church,” the “Harp of the Holy Spirit,” and is the only eastern “Doctor of the Church.” Who is He? *Saint Ephrem

A large group of monks from the monastery of St Maron were martyred because they believed that Jesus has 2 natures (human and divine). How many monks were martyred? *350


4th Grade Questions

November 17th

What does the word “Bible” mean? Books

How many books are there in the Old Testament? 46

How many books are there in the New Testament? 27

What “rules” did God give Moses? The Ten Commandments

Where was Moses when he received the Ten Commandments? Mt. Sinai

In which book of the Bible will you find the Ten Commandments? Exodus

How many books are there total in the Bible? 73

Which commandment tells us to keep the Sabbath holy? 2nd

Honor your father and mother is one of the Ten Commandments? T or F

What is a covenant? A sacred promise between God and his people.

The Bible is The Word of God? T or F

In the days of Jesus, where did boys and girls study the Bible? The girls studied at home and the boys studied in the synagogue school.

In what part of the Mass do we hear readings or stories from the Bible? Service of the Word

What is the feast day of St. Elias? July 20

Which commandment was the favorite of St. Elias? 1st – I am the Lord you God, you shall not worship other gods besides me.


4th Grade Questions  -- 3 Nov

True or False:  At Baptism we are filled with grace, which is God’s own divine life.          *T

What are two ways we can make grace grow in us?      *Prayer and the Holy Mysteries (Sacraments)

Who were the three men in Syria who refused to turn away from Jesus and the Maronite church and were martyred in a church by Muslims?         *the Massabki brothers

This man lived with Saint Maron for a while.  He taught people how to practice the virtues in their everyday lives.  He was a hermit.  What is his name?          *James the Hermit

What virtue helps us stay strong when we are persecuted?             *Fortitude

What virtue helps us say or do the right thing in each situation?           *Judgement

What virtue helps us treat others with respect?              *Justice

What virtue helps us find a happy balance with sensual pleasures and activities?            *Temperance

Wisdom, knowledge, reverence, right judgement, understanding, courage, and wonderand awe are called the ______________.                 *Gifts of the Holy Spirit


4th Grade Questions

Lesson one –20 October

True or False.  Jesus gave us rules for living, and we call these rules the Maronite Way.          *T

What word means being in harmony with God’s plan and being wholesome, kind, and honorable?        *good

What word means being at war with God’s plan and being selfish, mean, and sinful?        *bad

What is the first book of the Bible?         *Genesis

What book of the Bible has the true story of how God created everything and how God made Adam and Eve?       *Genesis

On which day did God create human beings?         *the 6th day

What did God do on the 7th day?           *He rested

True or False.  God’s love is always stronger than evil.         *T

Our ability to know the difference between good and evil is called our _______________.         *conscience

True or False. God gives us the total freedom to choose good or evil.  We are responsible for choosing and that is called having “free will.”     *T

When we make good choices, we grow in _________________; we become more like God.   *holiness

True or False.  We should take time to examine our consciences after the Divine Service of the Holy Mysteries (after mass).                 *F  (we should do it before—not after)

Lesson 2

What kind of sin do we inherit from Adam and Eve?        *Original sin

The kind of sin that is serious and kills God’s life in us is called   ______________?   *mortal sin

Less serious sins that can be easily pardoned are called   _______________?  *venial sins

This saint was a monk who lived on top of a tall pillar and preached to the people below.         *Saint Simon

True or False.  Satan is an evil spirit who tempts people to do wrong and turn away from God.  *T

Everyone who commits a mortal sin knows ahead of time that the act is very wrong.   *T