The duel: The Final Challenge

By Simon Cooke

WALT: link implicit and explicit ideas together to understand text

Grandpa Sid is distracted. Why is he distracted?

Because of the challenge that Baron Van Spanner.  He thinks he might not have any ideas when they do the duel.

Did you have to really think and understand why grandpa Sid is distracted? Or was there information in the text that told you so?

Half of it I thought and half of it was in the text.

Then, was ‘grandpa sid is distracted’ an implicit or explicit information?


Grandpa Sid does not finishes his sentence, ‘If the door isn’t opened in five seconds…’

What happened next? What helped you come up with your answer? (the pictures? Prediction? assumption?) Is this implicit or explicit?

Maybe when grandpa sid was about to finish his sentence the evil inventor breaks into their house.

‘Grandpa Sid nods. You’d think he’d be angry, wouldn’t you? But instead, he’s like a man who has lost a friend and can’t figure out why.’

Why is grandpa Sid feeling that way?

Maybe because he his like sad that his friend has betrayed him.

What happened when Grandpa Sid and Emma when they pressed the red button?

I think Grandpa Sid did not press the button but maybe they were imagining what was happening.

Do you think this information was explicit or implicit? why?

Implicit, because the story didn’t tell us what happened. But the picture showed us that they did fall in.

How did Grandpa Sid and Emma counter Spanners invention?

How does it make sense? (yes it does by the way, think about it)

They just made more and more buttons than van spanner.

What would your invention be to counter Baron Von Spanners red button invention?

I would invent a Smash-o-meter.  It would break the buttons into a million pieces. After the button does not work.

I think Grandpa Sid may have ignored one of the three rules he told Emma about when he countered Spanners red button. Which rule do you think he did not consider? Why?

I think the 3rd one because the rule said to be careful of what you are inventing because it could cause problems and when they made the spot-u-later it caused the whole town to look like it had chicken pox and also the mayor was angry.