Student Recital Information Sheet

If you are booking your recital off-campus or in a venue other than the HASoM theater venues,  these instructions DO NOT apply. If you are booking your recital in the Ostin Ensemble Room, please visit the Facilities page and follow the instructions on reserving a classroom. Again, the instructions below DO NOT apply.

At this time, only Music Performance, Ethnomusicology, and Music Education students are approved for booking a student recital.

If you are booking your recitals in the HASoM theater venues, then proceed with the following instructions:

All graduate and undergraduate recitals can be booked at Popper Theater.

Only graduate pianists can be booked in Schoenberg Hall at this time.

You are allowed only one reservation request per event. (If you have more than one, they will ALL be cancelled). If you are changing a current reservation, you will need to cancel any prior reservation before making a new one (see instructions below concerning cancellations).

Undergraduate Recitals:

Graduate Recitals: (must be approved by Allison Taka before making a reservation)

A notification email of your theater reservation will be sent to you. KEEP THIS EMAIL.  It contains very useful information along with easily accessible imbedded links. Notably to the Recital Questionnaire which is due 3 weeks prior to your event. Failure to complete this online form in the time required will result in immediate cancellation of your reservation. Keep the email generated by the Recital Questionnaire to access and update information at anytime. (Edit link is at the bottom of the e-mail).

Recital Reservation Timelines: In reserving time for your recital, please note the following timelines you must reserve for your particular student standing:

These timelines include: load-in/stage prep (30 min), soundcheck (1 hr), house opens (15 minutes prior to recital start time), concert length (jr: 20 min, jr pair: 40 min, sr: 50 min, grads: 60 min), restoring stage (30 min). You may not need the full time, however, you must book the minimum time listed above.

** Music Education majors maximum time will be 4 hrs if paired together. 3 hrs if performing solo.

Rehearsal Reservation Timelines: Each recital is allowed only one rehearsal time in the venue before the recital date based on the student standings below:

Rehearsals can be reserved online anytime after the original recital date/time is reserved.

PLEASE NOTE Any questions that you have concerning support in the theater for your rehearsal should be directed to Russell Veirs.

CANCELLATION: To cancel a reservation at anytime, please refer to the email you received confirming your reservation (there is an imbedded link on this email to cancel your reservation). Cancellations will be accepted up to one week prior to your recital date. Cancellations less than one week prior to your recital date must be approved by your faculty member and the chair of the department by email to Failure to cancel your recital in the appropriate timeframe will result in forfeiting any future recital reservation in the theaters.

Pianos: When you request use of a piano on the ‘Recital Questionnaire’ an e-mail is sent to the piano technician. All updated information must be submitted at least one week prior to recital date for best support and service.

Audio/Video and Live Streaming Support: When you request audio/video and live streaming support on the ‘Recital Questionnaire’ an e-mail is sent to Luis Henao. All updated information must be submitted at least one week prior to recital date for best support and service.

Concert Poster Policy can be found here

CONTACT US: If you have any questions or need assistance concerning any of these instructions, please contact us at

Updated 10/16/17