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Everything you know will become nothing. Maybe it already has.
A cerebral sci-fi film exploring consciousness and the end of the world.

(inspired in part by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
A Sophia Cacciola / Michael J. Epstein Film (Launch Over)

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“...what low budget genre filmmaking should be; unique, challenging, and overflowing with big ideas, money limitations be damned...these folks have created an entire world unto its own, populated by bizarre characters, a near fetishistic infatuation with outdated technology, and rad concepts the likes of which you have never seen before (with a tip of the hat to the aforementioned Mr. Carroll).” - Daniel XIII, Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Magnetic is a love letter to our need for purpose and belonging, to the circuitry that binds us to ourselves and others—and to rotary phones, cassette tapes, and the sound of sweet, sweet synthpop. But you’ll probably think it was about something else entirely.”

– Melinda Green, Boston Underground Film Festival

“ with [The Prisoner], those who stick with the tale will be richly rewarded.” -Jeff Berkwits, Sci Fi Magazine 

“With Magnetic, the pair managed to harness a phenomenal performance out of their lead and turn in a thought provoking and reflective examination on our need for intimacy.”

-Mike Snoonian, All Things Horror


On December 31st, at 11:58:07 PM Coordinated Universal Time, Earth will have its atmosphere ripped to shreds by the largest directed coronal mass ejection in the history of the galaxy. These forces will shatter the protective layer on the once stable, life-sustaining planet in an instant. Everything we know will become nothing. Maybe it already has.

After failing in NYC, Alice grabs her mixtapes and returns to her desolate, rural hometown. There, she finds a job in an office located hundreds of feet underground, concealed beneath a sheep farm.

Alice must piece together her memories, her dreams, and the space-time continuum itself to find out why she is so essential to the preservation of all life on Earth.


Official poster by Craig Maher: High Res, Full Res

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  1. Boston Underground Film Festival 2015 (Boston, MA) - World Premiere
  2. Motor City Nightmares Film Festival 2015 (Novi, MI) - Winner Best Sci-Fi Feature
  3. Sanford International Film Festival 2015 (Sanford, ME) - Winner Best Music and Score (Also Nominated for Best Feature, Best Editing, and Exceptional Acting)
  4. Horror Hotel 2015 (Cleveland, OH) - Winner Runner-up Best Sci-Fi
  5. GEN-CON 2015 (Indianapolis, IN)
  6. Fantasmagorical 2015 (Louisville, KY) - Winner Best Soundtrack and Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi Feature
  7. From the Beyond 2015 (Chicago, IL)  - Winner Best Feature
  8. Indie Gathering International Film Fest 2015 (Hudson, OH) - Winner 2nd Place Sci-Fi Feature
  9. Galactic Film Festival 2015 (Los Angeles, CA) - Nominated Best Screenplay
  10. Imaginarium 2015 (Louisville, KY) - Winner Best Direction, Runner-up Best Genre Feature, Runner-up Best Plot Development, Runner-up Best Character Development
  11. Terror Film Festival 2015 / Claw Awards 2015 - Winner Best Special Effects, Nominated Best Feature, Nominated Best Director
  12. Another Hole in the Head 2015 (San Francisco, CA)