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Excellence in Education

Spiritually, Academically, Physically, Socially

Table of Contents

Table of Contents        Page 1

To All Families        2

Purpose and Philosophy        2

Nondiscrimination Policy        2

Our Faculty        2

St. Paul’s Mission, Visions, and Objectives        3

School Administration        4

Parental Cooperation        4

School Hours        4

Enrollment Requirements, Preschool through Eighth Grade        4

Enrollment Policy and Provisions        5

Special Needs        5

Tuition Policy        6

Tuition Assistance and Scrip Program        6

New Family Mentor Program        7

The PIT Crew        7

Attendance        7

Church and Sunday School Attendance        7

Participation in Worship Services        8

Chapel Services        8

Home and School Communication        8

E-Mail        8

School Closings and Emergencies        8

Standardized Tests        8

Curriculum        9

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities        9

Bus Transportation        9

After School Activities and Supervision        10

Field Trips        10

Honor Roll        10

Homework        10

Report Cards        10

Books and School Supplies        11

School Property        11

Technology and Internet Use        11

Social Media        11

Cell Phones, Tablets, E-Readers, and Other Devices        11

School Telephone        11

Dress Code        12

Gymnasium Shoes        12

Lost and Found        12

School Pictures        12

Illegal Substances        12

Discipline        13

Hot Lunch and Milk Program        13

Food Allergies - Nut Free        14

Health and Safety        14

Injuries to Students That Occur at School        14

Injuries to Students That Occur at Home        14

Fire, Tornado and Lock-Down Drills        14

Student Records and Legal Rights of Parents        15

In Closing        15

Connect With Us        15

To All Families


The purpose of this handbook is to give necessary information about St. Paul’s Lutheran School to parents who have enrolled their children or are considering enrollment in our school. In reading this handbook carefully, you will find answers to many of the questions that may come to mind regarding our Lutheran elementary school program. We hope you find this handbook useful, and that you will refer to it many times during the school year. Comments and suggestions concerning our Handbook for Parents are always welcome.

Upon enrolling your child in St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Preschool, you indicate that you subscribe to the policies stated in this handbook and all other policies of the school as adopted by the School Board.  When there is no board policy in existence to provide guidance in a matter before the administration, the principal is authorized to act appropriately under the circumstances surrounding the situation, keeping in mind good Christian common sense, and the Constitution and Bylaws of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  If there are any questions regarding any of the school’s policies as stated or not stated here, you are encouraged to bring your questions to the principal.

Purpose and Philosophy

“Come, My children, listen to Me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Psalm 34: 11

The purpose of St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Preschool is to offer excellence in Christian education by providing for our students’ spiritual, academic, physical, and social needs. St. Paul’s teaches all subjects in light of the true Word of God. St. Paul’s exists to provide a Christ-centered education for everyone - both members of St. Paul’s Church and members of the community. St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Preschool is a member of and teaches according to the doctrinal stand of the WELS, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Nondiscrimination Policy

“God, our Savior, wants all men to be saved and to come

to a knowledge of the truth.”

1 Timothy 2: 4

St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Preschool admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, athletic, and other school administered programs.

Our Faculty

Mr. Joe Janke                        Principal, 7th & 8th Grade

Mr. Craig Steinke                Athletic Director, 5th & 6th Grade

Mrs. Karen Krueger                3rd & 4th Grade

Miss Cathy Tinkey                1st & 2nd Grade

Mrs. Christy Janke                Kindergarten

Mrs. Kristin Hadenfeldt                Preschool

Rev. Keith Schleis                Pastor

Rev. Brett Voigt                        Pastor

Our faculty consists of WELS certified teachers with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, trained for teaching in our Lutheran schools. Through continuing education, they continue to develop their expertise in teaching God’s Word and all academic areas of our curriculum. Brief descriptions of our current faculty are available on the school’s website,

St. Paul’s Mission, Visions, and Objectives


St. Paulʼs will assist parents in preparing disciples to live for Christ through Christian education, training them to spread the Good News throughout the world.

Vision #1  The school will continue to work with the church in all aspects of Christian education.


Vision #2  The school will maintain a strong presence in the community.


Vision #3 The school will maintain an up-to-date curriculum in all subject matter and co-curriculars.


Vision #4  The school will inform parents of school activities and allow parents the opportunity to provide ideas and suggestions for school improvement.


Vision #5 Maintain current facility and study the feasibility of a new and upgraded facility.


School Administration

“God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints . . .

Let all things be done decently and in order.”

1 Corinthians 14: 33, 40

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is responsible for the operation and maintenance of its school through its School Board.  This board acts by the authority of the congregation in accordance with its constitution and bylaws.  The supervision of the school and the setting of school policy are accomplished for the congregation under the auspices of the congregation by this board.

The principal, being responsible for the management of the school, ensures that the policies and directives established by the School Board are carried out.  The School Board works with the principal, faculty, and congregation to establish changes and policies for the improvement and welfare of our students.

Parental Cooperation

The Lord has bound the home and school together as one unit with the same aim.  Together, the Christian home and the Lutheran School form an effective team in the training of children. Parents do not give up this God-given responsibility when they send their children to school.  They must maintain a close relationship with the teacher at all times, so that they may mutually assist each other in understanding and helping the child.

Problems should be dealt with in a loving and Christian manner.  First, the parent should discuss the problem with the teacher to arrive at a mutual solution.  If an agreement cannot be reached, the problem is to be brought to the principal to mediate the discussion leading to a solution.  Next, if no solution is reached, the pastor and School Board can be brought into the discussion in order to reach a solution.  Parents and teachers should at all times remember the words of the Eighth Commandment in problem situations by always speaking well of the parties involved and taking each others words and actions in the kindest possible way.

Teachers meet with the parents of children each year in many different ways.  Objectives and expectations of the parents, school, and the teacher are discussed, so that a common understanding may exist between the home and the school.  Special concerns and needs should be brought to the immediate attention of the teacher so that attempts may be initiated to deal with them.

School Hours

School begins at 7:45 a.m. for the fifth through eighth grade classrooms and 8:45 a.m. for the Kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms. School ends at 3 p.m. for all classes. Preschool begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m. When busses do not run, all classes, K-8 begin at 8:45 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. Students should not arrive more than 20 minutes before their school day begins, and are expected to be off the school grounds by 3:15 p.m., unless other arrangements have been made with a teacher. Under no circumstances, should teachers be expected to watch children instead of carrying out their normal before and after school activities.

Enrollment Requirements, Preschool through Eighth Grade

All children beginning kindergarten must be five years old before September 1 of the year in which they enroll. 4-year old preschool children are to be four years old before September 1 of the year in which they enroll. Physical/medical and immunization records are required before the child starts classes. For children in grades 1-8, records from previous schools must be on file in the school. Exceptions to the policy may be granted by the principal after consultation with the teacher and parents.

Enrollment Policy and Provisions

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28: 19

All children of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church who are of elementary school age are encouraged to attend our school.  Children of parents who are not members may be accepted after consultation with the principal and with the School Board.  Applications from all families seeking enrollment will be considered under the following levels of priority and eligibility:

  1. First preference is given to the children of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Enrollment of member children will be immediate upon application through the principal. It is expected that members will support the work of this school through the timely payments of registration fees, tuition, and through regular church offerings.
  2. Second preference is given to children of sister WELS or ELS congregations.
  3. Third preference is given to children whose families are without a church home.
  4. Fourth preference is given to children belonging to congregations not in fellowship with the WELS/ELS.

Enrollment Provisions:

  1. The school reserves the right to test all applicants for enrollment and to view all previous school records before enrollment is granted and to aid in the proper grade placement of the enrollee.
  2. Enrollment of non-member children may need to be accepted by the School Board.
  3. All member/non-member families agree to follow the policies of St. Paul’s Lutheran School as described in handbooks, newsletters, etc.  Non-member families do not have a voice in the decisions made by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School, its boards and committees.
  4. Student capacity for Kindergarten is 18 students.  Capacity for grades one through eight is 29 students/classroom.  Category four children will not be enrolled in kindergarten when enrollment reaches 16 students, and when enrollment in the grade 1-8 classrooms reaches 27 students.
  5. Capacity for Preschool classes is twelve students. Exceptions to this can be made upon approval by the School Board.
  6. St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Preschool will exceed classroom capacity limits for the members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  In such cases, the School Board may determine which, if any, non-member children would need to leave the preschool or school.
  7. Non-member parents will be encouraged to attend a Bible Information Class as conducted by one of our pastors in order to acquaint them with the religious instruction their children would receive if attending St. Paul’s Lutheran School or Preschool.  The dates and times of this class are arranged by the pastors.
  8. Parents are encouraged to have their children attend St. Paul’s Lutheran Church when their classroom is scheduled to sing during the worship service.
  9. All non-St. Paul’s Lutheran Church members are enrolled on a year-to year basis.  Continuation of a child’s enrollment is not guaranteed, but is subject to yearly review, based on space considerations, tuition payments, academic effort, conduct, and overall support of the school and its programs.

Special Needs

Though St. Paul’s Lutheran School is not equipped or staffed to meet all the special needs of students, we will work to provide any possible support. St. Paul’s is able to utilize some services from the school district, including Title I reading intervention. St. Paul’s uses the testing of the Menomonie Public Schools in order to help assess areas of special need. When the results of the testing are known and discussed, St. Paul’s will comply with any reasonable request for help.

Tuition Policy

Christian education is a wonderful gift and privilege given to us by our loving Lord.  It is not a right. Tuition fees are charged of member children and non-member children. Members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church who send their children  to our Lutheran Elementary School need to remember this privilege and support the work of the school along with all ministries at St. Paul’s with their regular and generous church offerings, given to the Lord as a fruit of faith in accordance to how you have been blessed by God.  But because of the ever-increasing costs of education, we also charge a tuition fee to members. Families who have a difficulty meeting the tuition requirement can apply for tuition assistance through the School Board. School families who are not members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church are charged a tuition fee which is higher than our member fee, but still does not reflect the actual cost of educating each child. 

Before the beginning of each school year, school families will set up a payment plan with the principal. Families may pay tuition in full, by semester, or on a monthly basis. Other arrangements may be approved by the principal and School Board. Payments should be mailed to the school office or should be dropped off by the parent. At school registration in August, the first month’s tuition and book costs are to be paid, or payment arrangements need to be made.

All tuition rates will be published annually before the beginning of preschool and school. All fees are subject to change by action of the School Board. St. Paul’s Lutheran School Board retains the right to waive tuition and fees as deemed necessary. St. Paul’s Lutheran will not turn families away from the preschool and school for financial reasons if proper communication and effort for payments is made by the families.

If payment of tuition and fees of the previous school year is not completed by the end of the school year year, student enrollment for the following year will reviewed by the school board. This review may jeopardize the student’s eligibility to attend St. Paul’s Lutheran School for the coming year. For those who have an outstanding balance for past years, a payment schedule should be set up and adhered to. St. Paul’s Lutheran School retains the right to not transfer student records, or make copies thereof, until all past fees and tuition are paid.

Tuition Assistance and Scrip Program

St. Paul’s is pleased to offer tuition assistance as a benefit for school families. St. Paul’s uses Financial Aid Independent Review (FAIR) to complete this process. FAIR was founded on the principle of providing objective, comprehensive and affordable financial need analysis to private schools. FAIR sends their results to St. Paul’s Financial Assistance Committee, which allocates the available funds to the individual families. This process is normally completed before the school year or soon after it begins. Applications for FAIR are available in the school office or by contacting the principal.

St. Paul’s is able to offer additional tuition assistance through the Angel Fund. The Angel Fund was created as a way for individuals or families to sponsor students at St. Paul’s. At times, anonymous donors from St. Paul’s Church or the community support individual students by paying for part or all of their tuition. If you would like to support the Angel Fund or would like more information, please contact the principal.

All school families can utilize St. Paul’s Scrip program to reduce tuition. Through this program, individuals are able to purchase gift cards for a wide range of stores and establishments at face value through St. Paul’s. St. Paul’s then receives certain percentage of the value of each card. Half of this percentage donated back to St. Paul’s will be given to our PIT Crew (Parent Involvement Team) for activities and improvements, and half will go toward a student’s tuition that you designate or into a general tuition assistance fund. This is a great opportunity for families to reduce their tuition without spending anything beyond their normal purchases. For more information, contact the principal or the school office.

St. Paul’s Lutheran will not turn families away from the preschool and school for financial reasons if proper communication and effort for payments is made by the families. If you have any financial questions please do not hesitate to contact the principal.


New Family Mentor Program

Existing school families may be asked to serve as mentors for new school families. The purpose of this is to help the assimilation process of new families into St. Paul’s school family. Mentor families will assist by:

The PIT Crew

Our parent-teacher group, known as the PIT Crew (Parent Involvement Team) meets for the first time this school year in a meeting held in September.  Additional meetings will be scheduled during the school year.  The PIT Crew exists to give parents and guardians the opportunity to get involved as volunteers in our school family and to make plans for activities and events run by the school. Periodically, the group may also have meetings that focus on issues facing Christian parents.  All parents and guardians in our school family are welcome to be part of the PIT Crew.


Students must attend school regularly and must be on time. The teachers try to develop each student’s abilities as much as possible, and absence from school reduces learning opportunities. Even though missed work may be made up, the student has lost the benefit of regular classroom lessons and activities.  A child who misses 10 or more days of school during a school semester, or 20 or more days for the school year, will be at risk to be retained in the current grade during the next school year.  This determination will be made by the principal and School Board after consultation with the teachers and school family.

A tardy will be marked for a student arriving up to 15 minutes after the beginning of a school day.  This does not include late bus arrivals, extremely poor weather, or unexpected traffic circumstances.  After the first 15 minutes, a half day absence will be marked for up to three hours of absence in a day, and a full day absence will be marked for any day in which over three hours is missed.  Dismissal for appointments will normally result in at least a half day absence. Absences will not be marked for those who participate in normal band practices and athletic practices at our area schools. Excessive tardiness may result in a detention and/or suspension from school.

If a student is ill and will not be in school, the teacher should be notified before the school day begins. Please notify the school by phone call if your student will be missing school. Signed written notice is not required if a phone call has been made. Planned absences, including family vacations, should be communicated to the classroom teacher in advance. St. Paul’s School Board strongly encourages family vacations to be taken during the summer months or other school breaks. Classroom teachers are not obligated to prepare assignments for students in advance of planned absences.

Church and Sunday School Attendance

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15

Faithful church and Sunday school attendance is considered to: be a vital part of our Christian education.  Parents are to set a Christian example for their children by regularly attending worship services each week, by attending  special services as held throughout the year such as Lent and Advent, and by regularly attending Bible classes as held throughout the week.  Children are also encouraged to attend our Sunday School classes as held between the worship services. Worship attendance may be recorded for each service for students in grades K-8.  It is then be reported to the pastors and given to the parents with the quarterly report card.

Participation in Worship Services

The school, PK-8, the various classrooms and choirs, the tone-chime choirs, and at times band students,  participate in worship services as scheduled throughout the school year.  All children of St. Paul’s Lutheran School are expected to be present when their group sings or plays for worship. Failure to show up to sing or play or the failure to inform us well ahead of time can greatly disrupt our plans for the worship service.

Chapel Services

All children, PK-8, and teachers assemble for a regular weekly chapel service on Wednesday mornings beginning at 9:00 a.m. The chapel service is conducted at the level of the children and is not intended to take the place of the Sunday / Monday worship service.  All parents, guardians, and friends are invited to all chapel services.

To impress upon the children their God-given responsibility according to the great commission in Matthew 28, and to help children learn God-pleasing stewardship, a thank offering is collected at this service.  Chapel offering envelopes are available to each child for this purpose.  The offerings are designated for various home and foreign mission fields, various organizations that provide help and relief to those in need, and for uses of worship and evangelism in our own church and school. These free will offerings are not mandatory.

Home and School Communication

Regular communication between the home and school is important.  We try to do our best to keep parents informed of important things happening in the school.   The school may use the following ways in order to keep families informed: Text Messages, Email, Wits & Bits, School Website and Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), Special Letters and Notes, Phone Calls to Parents, Home Visits, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and PIT Crew Meetings. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the your student’s classroom teacher, the school secretary, or the principal at any time.



All of the faculty and staff members of St. Paul’s Lutheran School have email accounts that will be checked on a daily basis on school days. Please know that email sent to the principal or to the teachers may not be seen until after school hours. Opportunity to check email during the day is limited. St. Paul’s encourages all our school families to have an email account. A great deal of news and information is passed along to school families using this format.

As part of our technology curriculum, students (especially in grades 5-8) will be assigned a Google account. While this account looks like an email account (, the email capabilities are disabled. Students are not given a school email account.

School Closings and Emergencies

For inclement weather, St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Preschool closes with the Menomonie School District. School closings will be listed on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as on WEAU, KSTP, and KMSP.  St. Paul’s will also utilize a text message alert system to communicate school closings and any other emergencies. Information to sign up for text message alerts is made available at registration or by contacting the principal.

Standardized Tests

St. Paul’s Lutheran School  participates in the testing program of the WELS for grades three through eight.  The purpose of these nationally normed, standardized tests is to assist us in student and school curriculum improvement. These tests allow teachers to look for learning trends and adjust their teaching as necessary. The testing takes place during the fall of the school year. Copies of the results for individual students can be made available to parents upon their request.


A school curriculum consists of all the learning experiences that come to the child through the school.  Therefore, our curriculum strives to provide for the total needs of every child, spiritually, physically, academically, and socially.  As it is expressed in Luke 2: 52: “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.”

A full academic program is offered which complies with all requirements of the State of Wisconsin for Private/Parochial schools. The teachers annually review the curriculum, which is approved by the School Board. This curriculum includes the language arts, phonics, writing skills, social studies and history, sciences, mathematics through Algebra I and Geometry, the fine arts, physical education, technology and computer sciences. Our curriculum is also Christ-centered, including daily devotions, weekly chapel services, Bible history, church history, memory work from the Bible, catechism study, and hymn study. Scriptural truths are also integrated into all secular subjects as it is deemed appropriate by the teacher. The entire course of religion instruction is designed to lead to confirmation in a WELS church, providing a foundation for one’s faith. Confirmation instruction for grades 7&8 is held outside of classroom hours, and is strongly encouraged for our non-member families.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities


All students are expected to participate in physical education classes as part of St. Paul’s curriculum unless there is a persisting medical condition documented with a doctor’s written explanation.

Extracurricular athletics provide an opportunity for students to develop athletic skills, to promote a concept of teamwork, and to learn loyalty, dedication, and Christian sportsmanship.  These sports are arranged and supervised by the school’s athletic director and teachers as time, funds, coaching, and conditions allow.  Currently, boys’ sports include flag football, basketball, and track.  Girls’ sports include volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and track.

Other Extra-Curricular Activities

God encourages us to use our gifts to His glory.  To encourage the development and use of our gifts, St. Paul’s Lutheran School offers other extra-curricular opportunities, such as:

For the non-required athletic and other extracurricular opportunities, children who faithfully work to their potential in their school work and who regularly demonstrate proper conduct will be encouraged and welcomed to participate.  The teachers, students, parents, and principal will make participation determinations based on the abilities of each student and as defined by school policy. The principal has the final determination as to whether the student meets the criteria for participation. Appeals of these decisions can be made to the School Board.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation for those in the Menomonie District is provided on the days in which the district is in session. At all other times and for parents outside the Menomonie District, the parents must arrange transportation to and from school. For questions about busing, or to get your name on the busing list, contact Menomonie Transportation at 715-235-4995.

Riding the bus is a privilege.  Improper behavior as reported to us by the bus service can result in the privilege being taken away temporarily or permanently.

After School Activities and Supervision

Students are only allowed to stay after school for activities when supervised by a designated adult. Students may be required to stay after normal school hours for athletics or other extracurricular activities. Siblings of students staying for athletics or other activities need to make arrangements with coaches or other adult volunteers for supervision. Teachers are not responsible for supervising students or their siblings after school hours.

Field Trips

To enhance the learning process, our teachers may plan field trips. The purpose of these trips is to enable the children to grow culturally and academically, expand their awareness of their church and state, and to grow in Christian fellowship opportunities.  Families need to provide written permission for these trips and pay associated costs. If a family cannot afford the costs associated with a field trip, please speak with the classroom teacher privately to make other arrangements. Individuals may also be asked to drive and/or chaperone for a field trip. Individuals will be required to sign a safe driver agreement before chaperoning a field trip. Students are reminded that they are representing St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School while on such trips and are expected to behave accordingly. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the privilege to take part on such trips.

Honor Roll

Upper grade students (grades 5-8) at St. Paul’s Lutheran School who achieve an academic average of 95.0 or greater for the quarter will be assigned the title of “High Honor.” Students receiving an academic average of 90.0 to 94.9 will be classified as “Honor Students.” Averages will not be rounded up (i.e. 89.9 does not equal 90.0).


Students will be required to complete all homework, including memory work, to the best of their ability as assigned by the classroom teacher. Homework completed after the designated time period may receive a lower grade. The School Board has given all teachers the right to implement their own homework policies and guidelines. Students may be required to miss recess time, field trips, athletic contests, or extracurricular activities, or may have to stay after school to complete late or missing homework. Issues with incomplete or unacceptable homework will be communicated to families by the classroom teacher. Excessive issues may be handled brought to the principal’s or the School Board’s attention for further consideration.

When a student has been absent from school for any reason, it is the responsibility of the student to complete the missed work in a timely manner under the supervision of the parents. A lower grade may be given if makeup work is not completed in a timely fashion, as communicated by the classroom teacher.

Report Cards

The teachers of grades K-8 will inform the parents of the academic progress of their child with a report card issued quarterly. A mid-quarter summary may be sent home after 4-5 weeks of each quarter summarizing the student’s progress.  Additional reports may be sent home on an individualized basis.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled during the first and third school quarter.  Parents are expected to attend the scheduled meetings.  Additional conferences may be arranged at any time throughout the school year depending on the needs of the student.

Books and School Supplies

Students are responsible for the books they use and are to take good care of them.  Book covers are to be used on school owned hardcover texts.  No writing should be done in textbooks unless instructed by the teacher. Cost or fees for the replacement for lost or damaged texts is the responsibility of the student and their parents. Students are to have all the necessary supplies for the school year as designated on the school supply list distributed before the beginning of school, or as requested by the teacher. The first copy of religious books (Bible, Hymnal, Catechism) are given to each child as they are needed.  Additional copies or replacement copies of the books are to be paid by the family according to their costs.

Items above and beyond the items included on the supply list (toys, magazines, electronic devices, cell phones and the like) will be confiscated by the teacher if they become a problem.  If special items need to be brought to school for projects or art work, the parents will be contacted by the teacher.


School Property

St. Paul’s expects students to show respect for all school property, furnishings, books, and equipment. In cases of neglect, damage or destruction, the cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the offending child’s parent or guardian.

Technology and Internet Use

St. Paul’s is pleased to offer a wide range of technology tools for student use. An internet use form in regards to using technology at St. Paul’s is filled out and signed by all parents and turned in at the August registration meeting. It should be noted that no students will be allowed online without the supervision of a teacher. No students may engage in instant messaging, visiting social networks, checking email, using video sharing sites or downloading images unless directed and supervised by a teacher. Students and their families may be responsible for the cost of replacement or repairs caused by misuse or neglect of classroom technology.

Social Media

St. Paul’s utilizes Facebook (StPaulMenomonie), Twitter (@StPaulsWarriors), and Youtube (StPaulMenomonie) along with our website ( to promote events and activities, and to advertise and communicate information to parents and the community. At times and with your permission (a form is available at registration), pictures and videos of students are used on these websites, though names and other personal information is not published.

Cell Phones, Tablets, E-Readers, and Other Devices


Cell phones may be brought to school, if needed, but used only with permission from the classroom teacher or principal.  Cell phones may not be kept with the child but must either be turned in to the teacher during the school day, or kept in a backpack. E-readers, tablets, and other electronic devices may be used in school for educational purposes only.  Please check with your child’s teacher before sending an e-reader or tablet to school. Any use without teacher permission will result in the device being taken away to be given back only to a parent or guardian. Additional discipline may be necessary at the teacher’s or principal’s discretion.

School Telephone

Children are not to use a church or school telephone without permission from a teacher, pastor, or other staff member. Children are not to receive calls during the school day except in emergency situations. Messages normally will be taken by the secretary or a teacher and given to the child. Arrangements for after school rides as well as athletic contest plans should be made at home ahead of time, and not worked out with the student on the school phone.

Dress Code

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  The way we look and dress should reflect our love for our Savior. In the exercise of their Christian liberty parents are urged to ensure that their children will observe a modest, God-pleasing attitude in manners of dress, cleanliness, and hair styles. Because it is impossible and impractical to create a rule for every possible clothing, cleanliness, or hair style issue, the judgment as to whether any “bending’ or “stretching’ of the following rules has occurred is left to the discretion of the classroom teacher.  In cases of dispute, the principal will make final judgments in school dress and appearance.

Children’s clothing should be comfortable, modest, clean, and neat. Proper undergarments should be worn. Clothing or property which advertises such things as alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, unwholesome musical groups, etc. will not be allowed. Obscene or suggestive language and/or pictures should not be any part of a student’s clothing or property.

We encourage children to wear shirts/tops with sleeves for hygienic and modesty reasons.  Undergarments for boys and girls are not to be showing.  We encourage children to wear athletic shoes/sneakers/tennis shoes, etc. on the playground for safety reasons. Jewelry which is distracting to learning or unsafe may not be worn. Neat, well-kept shorts and capris may only be worn when weather permits during the first and fourth quarters of the school year or as directed by the teacher or principal. Tight-fitting shorts, including compression shorts, may be worn under other garments— but not alone. Bodies should be clean and properly bathed.  Excessive or unusual make-up should not be used. Hair must be kept clean and well-groomed. Students should avoid extremes in hair cuts, hairstyles, or hair colors.

Gymnasium Shoes


Students playing in the gymnasium are encouraged to have a pair of suitable gym shoes.  These shoes may be kept in the classroom during the school year, or worn during the school day.  Cooperation in seeing to it that children have proper gym shoes for gym activities is greatly appreciated!  Failure to have proper gym shoes may result in a child having to miss a gym activity.  Unacceptable gym shoes may include sandals, flip-flops, dress shoes and dress boots, winter boots and the like.

Lost and Found

The school is not responsible for any lost or discarded articles of clothing. Please see that your child takes home in the afternoon what is worn to school in the morning. In the case of items left at school, a lost and found is located at school.

School Pictures

Individual student pictures will be taken by a professional photographer near the beginning of each school year and again in the spring.  Information will be sent out prior to the time of picture-taking. Various picture packages will be offered to the parents for purchase from the company.

Illegal Substances

Any violation of the city of Menomonie’s, state of Wisconsin's or Federal Government's laws concerning illegal substances will be referred to the city of Menomonie police department.  Any student involved with illegal substances on school grounds may be subject to arrest.  Students involved with illegal substances on school grounds may also be expelled from St. Paul’s Lutheran School.  Illegal substances can include (but are not limited to) narcotics, alcohol, firearms, weapons, pornography, stolen goods and the like.


God has instructed parents to discipline their children and has attached his promise of blessing to loving discipline.  “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)  When parents enroll their children in St. Paul's Lutheran School, they give to the teachers the right and duty to assist them in bringing up their children “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4), and discipline is an important part of that training.

The ultimate goal of all disciplinary actions is the eternal welfare of the child, so that they repent of and turn from their sins and are motivated by Christ’s forgiving love to gladly serve him through obedience to God’s representatives and love toward his/her neighbor.

It is expected that students comply with school rules regarding order, safety, and the completion of work, and show proper respect for and comply with the requests of the faculty.  Therefore, in order to show the student the seriousness of his/her sins and discourage the sinful nature, the following steps will be taken when school rules are broken.

General Discipline

St Paul’s has determined a general school code of conduct. The classroom teacher may also include rules that govern the students in their care. When rules are broken, the teachers may employ disciplinary means which include the revocation of privileges or recess, assignment of various tasks, or after school detentions according to the guidelines established and explained by the teacher at the beginning of the school year. In the case of after school detentions, the teacher will contact the parents first to make sure that such an arrangement is possible.


In cases where repeated offenses occur the following steps will normally be used. Special circumstances may require adapting the following steps:

Step 1:        The teacher will notify the parent(s) and meet to plan a course of action.

Step 2:        The teacher, principal, and parent(s) will meet further to discuss the situation and to join in a united effort in disciplining the child.

Step 3:        Disciplinary action will be taken by the school and will be determined by the school’s administration.

Action 1:  Loss of all privileges for a period of 5 school days.  This includes classroom privileges, field trips, and extracurriculars.

Action 2:  Two (2) day suspension and loss of privileges as in Action 1.

Action 3:  Three (3) day suspension and loss of privileges as in Action 1.


An expulsion may take place after all other attempts at discipline have failed.  All cases for expulsion will be determined by the School Board.  Parents and/or student may be present when such a determination is made.  If an expulsion occurs, all paid tuition is forfeited.

Other Situations

Finally, in special or extreme circumstances and in situations where a child’s sinful nature has exerted itself in open rebellion against God’s Word, swift and immediate steps need to be taken. If a situation warrants such swift and immediate action, the School Board will work with the Principal, Classroom Teacher and the Parents to determine appropriate discipline. While the School Board will fairly consider the advice of the Principal, Classroom Teacher, and the Parents, the final determination will be made by the School Board.

Hot Lunch and Milk Program

St. Paul’s Lutheran School offers a hot lunch program. This program is not subsidized by the federal government. The cost for each student to participate varies by year in order to cover costs. A semester milk program is also offered. This is an additional milk that the child will receive daily at a morning or afternoon break, or taken as an extra milk at lunch. This is to be paid in advance at registration night for the first semester and after Christmas break for the second semester.   Complete lunch costs and milk costs are available upon registration.

Food Allergies - Nut Free

All students with food allergies requiring emergency medications must have a Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan provided by the physician and on file at school.  All emergency medications must be provided on the first day of school. There is no way to safeguard students with allergies from all risk. St. Paul’s has adopted an allergen-safe environment. This does not mean an allergen-free environment, however it means the environment is made as safe as possible from food allergens. Properly planning and organizing procedures for students with any life-threatening food allergy is essential.

St. Paul’s is a peanut and tree nut free zone. This means that students bringing cold lunch, snacks, or birthday treats are not allowed to bring food products containing peanuts or tree nuts. Faculty and staff are educated accordingly with the goal of preventing and responding to a food allergy emergency.

Health and Safety

Wisconsin State law requires students in grades K-8 to have four DTP/Td, four Polio, and two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunizations.  State law also requires that children entering kindergarten or seventh grade must be immunized against hepatitis B, and that students entering kindergarten be immunized against Chickenpox. All kindergarten children who have not had a health exam must have one upon entrance into our school.  The child's up-to-date immunization records must also be made available to St. Paul’s when enrolling.  Parents must notify the local health department if their child develops a communicable disease.

Hearing and vision tests for each of our students are given by trained parents of our school. Parents will be asked to fill out a medical emergency form each year.

Giving medication to children in school presents problems of safety and reliability for the student.  The parents should make arrangements so that it is not necessary for school personnel to administer medication. If a child needs to take an antibiotic or other short term medication, parents should ask their healthcare provider to plan doses around the school day. If it is absolutely necessary for a teacher to administer medication at the school, the teacher must have written and dated permission from the parents and must have the medication in the original container. Under no circumstances will a teacher give to a student any other medication not specifically approved by a parent. If a child becomes ill at school and is unable to complete the day, parents will be contacted to make arrangements for transportation home.

Injuries to Students That Occur at School

 If a child happens to become injured while at school, proper steps in regards to the child’s health and well-being will be taken by the faculty members in charge. Parents will be informed if their child is injured at school.  If an injury results in the calling of 911 professionals, parents will be called immediately.  If the injury is minor, proper steps will be taken and parents will be informed. A special form to be filled out by parents and filed at registration gives further instructions to school staff as to steps that should be taken in regards to an injury.

Injuries to Students That Occur at Home

If a child happens to be injured at home and the results of this injury will be evident to the teacher at school, please inform the teacher of the injury and let the teacher know how the injury happened.  This is for the protection of the student, the parent and the teacher, since Wisconsin law requires teachers to report all cases of suspected child abuse.

Fire, Tornado and Lock-Down Drills


All students enrolled at St. Paul’s Lutheran School are required to participate in periodic fire drills, tornado drills and lock-down drills.  Children are instructed early in the school year concerning proper conduct and procedure during emergencies.  At times, professionals may observe these important drills.

Student Records and Legal Rights of Parents

Upon enrollment and legal consent of the parents, the school will request pupil records from the previously attended school.  These records are made available to the School Board upon their request.  All school records are kept on file in the school office.

St. Paul’s School Board has adopted a policy in accordance with section 99.6 of the regulations implementing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). St. Paul’s adheres to and upholds the rights of parents according to FERPA. Parents may inspect records by contactacting the principal with a written request. St. Paul’s will keep student records confidential, only disclosing them with written consent of parents or when otherwise permitted by law, as outlined in FERPA. This policy may be viewed in its entirety in the School Board Policy Handbook, or by contacting the principal.

In Closing

The primary objective of St. Paul’s Lutheran School is that each child grows in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.  The faculty, with the help of our gracious Lord, will do their best to see that this objective is carried out.

It is our prayer that God will continue to give our school His bountiful blessings.  May the Christian training that our children receive in their home, church, and school prove to be a lasting blessing to them on earth.  May the Lord continue to increase the faith of our children so that, at life’s end, they may enter their eternal home in heaven.

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