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Financial Board Leadership Institute

Worker coops have been expanding over the past decade, yet access to capital remains one of the major hurdles for new and growing coops. At Democracy at Work Institute, we are supporting worker-owners and cooperative developers to seek out positions on the Boards of lending institutions and build their capacity to be effective. One of the barriers to participating on Boards in general, but in particular of CDFIs and other lending institutions for many worker-owners and cooperative developers, has been the lack of experience and knowledge of board governance and financial management. In order to move towards the equitable representation of “the new era” of cooperative members and developers on the Boards of CDFIs and other lending institutions, we need to have people trained on board legal responsibilities, basic financial terms and concepts and the ways to have the greatest impact. Our aim is to have people equipped with the preliminary information needed to feel prepared and confident when taking on a leadership role on the Board of an institution. There will be an intentional focus on the development of skills to become effective and tactical actors in order to address issues of power.

Who Should Apply:

Worker owners and cooperative developers who are looking to grow professionally and contribute to increasing equitable capital access.


Training #1: March 24, 2016 | 9:00am-12:15pm PST

Training #2: Date TBD

*It is required to attend both days.


It will be a web-based training so it is important that you have available a computer with Internet Access, speakers, and a camera.


The training is free to participants.

How to apply:
Complete the application
here. Applications are due 5pm on March 4th, 2016. For more information contact Vanessa Bransburg at