My dad is fantastic and unique because no one has a dad like mine  no one's dad works as hard as my dad and my dad is so caring and loving.

My mum is beautiful and unique because no one can cook like my mum and no one can be a better teacher than my beautiful mum.

My brother Renata is unique and funny because he loves me and he gives me a lot of pocket money.

My brother Kurtis is unique because of has personality and because he is so funny and he is kind and loving.

My brother Flynn is unique and happy because he lives in Australia and because he always gets me stuff when he comes back to see us.

I am unique and wonderful because my whanau love me and I am spoilt and because of my amazing personality.

My Cat Snacks is unique because he is so fat and he is so cuddly and soft.

My brothers puppy Kyra is unique because she is so fun to play with and she loves running around with me.

My dog Cila is unique because when  i  opening the door she will be sitting right their waiting for her food.