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You told me you had a hard time not agreeing with Cornyn, but you know the numbers are fuzzy. You also said his statement could have been worded a bit differently.


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Austin American-Statesman

11:14 a.m.

While Cornyn mentions the global epidemic of human trafficking, the nature of Senator Cornyn's remarks regarding the 25% of human trafficking victims being located in Texas is within the context of his anti-trafficking bills being introduced to address the human trafficking crisis in the U.S. I think this is pretty clear in Cornyn's statement that he is referring to 25% of victims in the U.S. The 25% statistic he uses is correct, because it is the percentage of certified victims located in Texas. Located in Texas and being trafficked in Texas are two different concepts. We have no idea how many people are being trafficked in Texas or any state for that matter. We do know that 25% of the victims located and certified in the country from April 2004-January 2006 were located in Texas. Cornyn is not saying that 25% of the victims were being trafficked in Texas, he stated that they were located in Texas. This is the 25% number that people are going by, because it is the only concrete data and number we have to go by, and this data is from the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.

HHS quit reporting a state by state breakdown and now reports only national figures. We have an information request submitted to get a more recent number for Texas specifically for the most current data.

Mandi Kimball

Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs CHILDREN AT RISK