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Minutes of the meeting held at the RBL, Tideford on 29 July 2013


Tideford Ward:        Cllr T May, Cllr A Hodge

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes, Cllr Mrs V Sullivan

St Germans Ward:        Cllr G Mackeen, Cllr Mrs A Barnicoat, Cllr B Skelton

Bethany Ward:        Cllr I Davey, Cllr Mrs H Gillbard

Public participation

There were 31 members of the public present all of whom objected to the planning application at 8.1. The applicant and his agent were also present.

One resident had given prior notice that he wished those Cllrs who attended the site meeting ‘to indicate the manner in which each voted and to give reasons why each voted in the manner they have’. Each of the 5 Cllrs responded with this information amongst some heated discussion. The applicant had prepared a handout explaining the situation from his point of view and offered a copy to those residents present. He confirmed that he will be submitting an amended application for consideration by Cornwall Council.

Cllr May called an end to the public participation at 8.10pm as there was currently no application to make a decision on. He thanked everyone for their time and for taking the trouble to attend the meeting.

1.        Police Report

            No Officer was in attendance but the clerk had received a report. Between

            24.6.13 and 29.7.13 there were 7 recorded crimes in the Parish as follows:

            St Germans – 1 criminal damage to a vehicle

            Polbathic – 1 theft from a boat and 1 Communications Act crime

            Tideford – 1 assault, 1 harassment, 2 criminal damage to vehicles, not thought

             to be related.

2.          Apologies for absence – none received


3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 24 June 2013

            It was proposed by Cllr Hodge and seconded by Cllr Barnes that the minutes

            be approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr May

4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

            Fencing between Quay Road and Lower Fairfield – the repairs have now

            been carried out

            Replacement Bus Stops on the A38 – we await information regarding the

            War Memorial at Tideford    

            Boundary Wall of Lynher House – Building Control confirm that no action

             is required under the Building Act 1984

            Cattle Grid at Port Eliot – This is being repaired by Ron Cradick

            Triangle of land near the burial ground – grass has now been cut

            Pot Hole outside Cliff Cottage - now repaired

            Hedge Trimming at Church Road, Tideford – awaiting a response from

            Port Eliot and Cllr May reported that WH Bond is to cut the hedges at the


            Flashing 30MPH sign near Fairfield, St Germans – awaiting a response

            from Cormac Highways. Cllr Mackeen reported that Darren Berrey had

            suggested an area of red paint on the road at the point where residents cross

            the road.

            New sign at Furze Park corner – this has been installed

            Barriers along the A374 between Trerulfoot and Polbathic – awaiting a

            response from Highways

            Quarry Street, St Germans – Highways confirm that they have no money

            but that the Parish Council could fund this. The clerk will ask for a quote

            Polbathic Flooding – Highways confirm that the drainage system is working

            and fit for purpose. The clerk will try to contact Mr Blatchford regarding the

            issues further upstream


4.1.1        Highways – New Items

            B3249 between Polbathic and St Germans – A resident has contacted the

            Parish Council regarding his enquiry last year. This has been chased with


            Road between Catchfrench and the A38 – the condition of the road has now

            deteriorated  further resulting in damage to a vehicle. The clerk will contact


4.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Cllr Barnicoat reported

            that there were now 109 members and that the Downderry Carnival was held

            on 27.7.13. They are still looking for a home for the large board of

            photographs and ask if it could be placed somewhere in St Germans, possibly

            the Eliot Hall. The clerk will contact Mr Dave Elliot and ask him to

            respond to Cllr Barnicoat.

4.3        Vacancies on the Parish Council

            Mr Nigel Witton has expressed an interest in being co-opted onto the Parish

            Council as a ward member for St Germans. It was agreed to meet at 7.00pm

            on 5.8.13 at the Polbathic Hall. The clerk will continue to advertise the

            vacancy at Tideford.   

4.4       Tideford Lighting

            Cllr Hodge has obtained the Certificate of Unmetered Supply which we will

            need to be able to change our supplier. The clerk will contact Southern


4.5       Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

            A final draft had been circulated to all Cllrs. It was proposed by Cllr Hodge

            and seconded by Cllr Skelton that both documents be adopted by the Parish

            Council. All Cllrs agreed. The clerk will arrange for both documents to be

            printed and each Cllr will be given a copy.

4.6       Audit for the year ended 31.3.13

            Grant Thornton have now audited the annual return – see 7.10. This was noted

5.        Playparks

5.1        St Germans

            Roger Prowse started to replace the rotted timbers on 29.7.13.

            Cllr Skelton carried out the July inspection and Cllr Barnes will carry out the

            August inspection.

5.2        Tideford

            Fencing – Cllr May received an approximate price of £7000 from W H Bond

            & Sons and is awaiting an alternative quote.

            Cllr Hodge carried out the July inspection and highlighted various repairs that

            needed to be carried out. Cllr May will carry out the August inspection and

            will contact WH Bond to arrange for the repairs to be carried out. All Cllrs


            Cllr May has ordered the replacement seat from Lappset at a cost of £70.80

6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Mr WK Tamblin applied to reserve Plot J1 at the burial ground. He paid £230

            in cash to the clerk on 29.6.13 – see 7.6. This was noted

6.2       Cllr May advised that the new area is to be levelled and seeded week

            beginning 5.8.13  

6.3       The clerk asked for someone to stand in for her when she is on holiday. Cllr

            Mackeen agreed and Cllr May will also be available. The clerk will go through

            the procedures with Cllr Mackeen        

7.          Finance

7.1       Clerks expenses for June 2013 - £90.50

7.2       SLCC Annual Membership - £100

7.3       HM Revenue & Customs – repayment of VAT for 2012/2013 - £1419.19

7.4       Lloyds bank statements reconciled to the cash book as at 28.6.13.

            Treasurers account balance - £58575.79. Fixed Term Deposits balance –

            £20090.28 Totalling £78666.07

7.5       Cormac Solutions invoice for sign at Furze Park Corner - £383.92

7.6       Cash of £230 received from Mr WK Tamblin (see 6.1). Paid into account on


7.7       Quercus invoice for grass cutting and clearing area around the shed at Burial

            ground - £640

7.8       Cornwall Council invoice for the uncontested election - £507.57

7.9       Clerks expenses for July 2013 - £89.93

7.10     Invoice from Grant Thornton for the audit of the annual return - £360

7.11     Quercus invoice for the annual work to the footpath from Quay Road to Lower

            Fairfield and trimming the hedges at Tideford play park - £300

7.12     Update to the clerks manual to be purchased - £32.50

7.13     SLCC advise result of pay award for clerks to be backdated to 1.4.13 –

            increase in hourly rate from £8.919 to £9.009

7.14     As agreed at the Finance & General Purposes Committee on 10.10.12 the

            clerks extra hours for work on the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

            would be paid as a one off payment. The hours total 25. It was proposed by

            Cllr Davey and seconded by Cllr Barnes that the extra hours be paid and all


7.15     Douglas Tonks payment for clerks July salary plus their admin fee - £519.54

            The clerk advised that £10,000 in a fixed term deposit matures on 12.8.13 and

            it is proposed to re-invest it for a further 6 months. All were in favour    

            It was proposed by Cllr Barnes and seconded by Cllr Sullivan that all finance

            items be approved and all were in favour

  8.        Planning Applications        

            The following application was received after the agenda for the June meeting

            had been published.

8.1       PA13/04853

            Sewage treatment Works, Eliot Drive, St Germans                  Mr W Davis

            Retention of sewage tanker shed with storage, toilet and separate store

            Because Cornwall Council needed our response by 9.7.13 this application was  

            discussed at the June meeting and a site meeting was held on 27.6.13,

            attended by Cllrs May, Barnes, Skelton, Mackeen and  Barnicoat and

            Cornwall Cllr Daniel Pugh. After much discussion it was proposed by Cllr

            Skelton and seconded by Cllr May that support be given to the application

            subject to conditions regarding hazardous waste, only 1 tanker  to be parked

            on the site, provision of bunding and any Environment Agency conditions or

            requirements to be met.

            The application was to be brought to this meeting for ratification but the

            application has been invalidated and there is no current application for this


            Cllr Barnicoat had recorded 2 telephone calls she had received from residents

            wishing to oppose the application because of noise, pollution and extra traffic

            on narrow roads.

            The clerk reported that she had received 3 telephone calls and 3 emails from

            residents wishing to object to the proposal and read out  a letter from a

            resident enclosing a copy of a letter sent to the Planning Officer, also objecting

            to this proposal


            The following application has been received by Cornwall Council:

8.2       PA13/03671

            Anskyber, Tideford                                                               Mr Philip Hughes

            Conversion of barn/outbuildings into 3 holiday lets

            The Ward Members had no objections to the proposal but had concerns

            regarding privacy issues, extra traffic particularly as the current state of the

            road from Tideford to the site is very poor and sewage concerns. Noise

            reduction requirements could be included as part of the building infrastructure.

            It was proposed by Cllr Hodge to support the application. This was seconded

            by Cllr May and all were in favour.

            Planning Decisions

            Cornwall Council has made the following decision which was noted:

9.1       PA13/04354 - APPROVED

            Trewolsta, Tideford                                                  Miss Andrews & Mr Barry

            Construction of barn

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Notification from CC that Planning Application PA13/04650, Land at Trequite

            Farm, Menheniot was reported to the Strategic Planning Committee on 4.7.13.

            Menheniot Parish Council voted to support the application (6 votes to 3)

10.2     Planning Enforcement lists – one closed case because immune from action:

            EN10/03735   Formation of a lake at The Crags, Tideford Cross Lane.

            The clerk was asked to make enquiries as this is the first notification we have


10.3     East Sub-Area Planning Committee 15.7.13 at Camelford - noted

10.4     Jeremy Tucker, the Chairman of Menheniot Parish Council is trying to set up a

            meeting to hear the pro’s and con’s of Neighbourhood Planning.

            Once a date is known Cllr May and Cllr Barnes will attend.

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Cornwall Blind Association thanking the Parish Council for their donation

11.2     Saltash Area Road Safety Meeting – agenda for 8.7.13 and the minutes of the

            meeting held on 22.4.13. Noted

11.3     John Gander offering his services as a handyman - noted

11.4     Saltash Policing Team Monthly Bulletin – July 2013. Noted

11.5     Good Councillor Guide – 4th edition. Emailed to all Cllrs. Hard Copies will be

            available from August at a cost of £2 each. It was agreed to purchase enough

            copies for all Cllrs.

11.6     Cornwall Council breakdown of charges for the uncontested election – see 7.8.

            CALC are looking into the fees charged by the Returning Officer and clerical


11.7     Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest. Noted

11.8     Rural Services Network – rural opportunities bulletin July 2013. Noted        

11.9     Parish Online news - noted

11.10   SLCC news bulletin - noted

11.11   Nut Tree – July edition. Noted

11.12   SLCC – The Clerk magazine July 2013. Noted

11.13   SLCC branch meeting 10.7.13 at Launceston and minutes of the meeting held

            on 17.4.13 - noted

11.14   Clerks & Councils Direct - July 2013. Mail to Cllr Sullivan

11.15   Coastline Chronicles - noted

11.16   Play & Leisure – latest news June 2013. Noted

11.17   Liskeard & District Agricultural Association – Posters for the Liskeard Show

            on 13.7.13 – on all noticeboards

11.18   CIPFA Property – learn how to value your public assets. Mail to Cllr    


11.19   Building, Leading & Maintaining Effective Teams - noted

11.20   SLCC special news bulletin – NEC Elections. Noted

11.21   Simply Scilly – Isles of Scilly newsletter. Mail to Cllr Barnicoat

11.22   Cornwall Council Localism and Devolution Information Bulletin - noted

11.23   Cornwall Council Seagull Proof Sacks – available for Town & Parish

            Councils to buy in bulk and sell on locally. Noted

11.24   Rural Services Network – Rural Vulnerability Service – Broadband. Noted

11.25   Rural Services Network – Rural Vulnerability Service – Fuel Poverty. Noted

11.26   Came & Company – the summer holidays have arrived. Noted

11.27   SLCC news bulletin - noted

11.28   Scripti Ltd offering a service to scan burial registers - noted

11.29   Dealing with Difficult People – courses in London, Bristol and Manchester.    


11.30   Rural Services Network – Spotlight on the heart of the village. Noted    

12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1     Cllr Mackeen reported that there is a donation available from the RBL in

            Tideford for a war memorial but it cannot be used in their village but could be

            used in St Germans. He will try to find out more information.

12.2     Cllr Mackeen had received complaint from residents about the overgrown

            hedge at The White House in Old Quay Lane. The clerk was asked to contact

            the owner.

12.3     Cllr Barnes reported that more rubbish was being tipped on the land leased by

            Mr Hitchcock. The clerk will contact the Environment Agency and Mr

            Blatchford from Cornwall Council

12.4     Cllr Mackeen had received a letter from the St Germans Rail Users Group on

            the downside station building. Once firm proposals are clear application for

            funding will be made to various bodies.  

12.5     Cllr May reported that the hedges at Lanthrone corner are overgrown and need

            cutting back. The clerk will contact Highways again.

12.6     The clerk asked if the automated response time for emails sent to the website

            address could be amended as a reply within 5 days is not always possible. Cllr

            Sullivan will look into this.

The meeting closed at 10.10 pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..