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18 May 2015

(updated Jan 2016)

Seeking applications for

Neuromorphic Processor Project

We are continually seeking suitable PhD and postdocs for the Neuromorphic Processor Project (NPP). NPP is a 3 year project that started 1 May 2015.  NPP will develop theory, architectures, and FPGA implementations targeting specific applications of deep neural network technology in vision and audition. Deep learning has become the state-of-the-art machine learning approach for sensory processing applications, and this project aims towards real-time, low-power, brain-inspired solutions targeted at full-custom SoC integration. A particular aim of the NPP is to develop efficient data-driven deep neural network architectures that can enable always-on operation on battery-powered mobile devices in conjunction with event-driven sensors. Positions are available now (or may open up) in theory, hardware architectures, and applications of these networks.


The project team includes world-leading academic partners in the USA, Canada, and Spain. The project is coordinated by the Inst. of Neuroinformatics (INI), UZH-ETH Zurich ( ). INI is a joint institute of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich and has been cited in IEEE Spectrum and Scientific American as one of the world’s leading organizations in the development of neuromorphic sensing and computing technology. The lead NPP PI is Prof. Tobi Delbruck. Other NPP PIs at INI are Dr. Shih-Chii Liu, Dr. Michael Pfeiffer, and Prof. Giacomo Indiveri.

How to apply?

We are interested in hearing from candidates with experience in deep learning theory, applied machine learning, in particular machine vision and audition, neuromorphic engineering, and digital hardware architectures. If you are interested in this exciting project and the chance to work with a world-class team, then please send the following documents (in PDF format)  to  with the subject line  “NPP job application - <Your Name>” (where “Your Name” is replaced by your name):

As of January 2016, all positions have been filled, but we are still accepting applications in case there are later openings.