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Cape Girardeau Public Schools

1:1 Initiative 

Teaching and Learning as a Digital Community

2016-17 Academic Year

Section 1:

Student Computer

Program Overview

The purpose of our 1:1 initiative is to put current technology into the hands of all students to help enhance, personalize and accelerate the rigor of our academic program.  Cape Girardeau Public Schools (CGPS) purchases and owns our personal computers and distributes them to students to use for educational purposes during the academic year.  As long as students follow the expectations set forth in this handbook, they are also allowed to take the computers home to complete their studies. Whenever students leave our school district as well as at the end of the school year, their personal computers are collected, inspected, updated and maintained by school district technology staff.

Personal computers will be assigned to incoming seventh graders and to transfer students for the remainder of their school careers at CGPS.  Students are accountable for ensuring the care of the equipment entrusted to them.  Students will receive a computer, charger, earbuds, and protective sleeve or case.  Proper care for each of these items is covered in Section 4: Care and Maintenance. Freshmen will be introduced to a Digital Citizenship Curriculum through our PAS (Preparing for Academic Success) classes and will receive instruction on computer management and file organization.

Parents and students should carefully review the Family Responsibilities section of this Handbook.  There is an optional insurance fee available to insure the computer against damages.  If parents opt out of paying this fee, other necessary repair fees may apply.  All of these fees are outlined in Section 2: Family Responsibilities.

We hope to make our 1:1 Initiative a success through collaboration among parents, educators and students. The use of personal computers for teaching and learning in CGPS is an immense opportunity to accelerate the learning for all of our students and to enhance an already strong academic program. We look forward to open communication and to a robust partnership among our community members, parents, students and staff in support of 1:1 at CGPS.

Section 2:

Family Responsibilities

Family Responsibilities:

CGPS has worked diligently to research best practices employed by school districts across the nation.  Some of these districts include North Kansas City, Park Hill,, and Joplin, in Missouri.  In addition, we want to offer special thanks to the Natick, Massachusetts, Public School District for assistance with policy and procedure documentation.  As a result of interviewing leaders in these other districts, we have developed the following procedures to ensure the success of our 1:1 Initiative. These procedures are designed to ensure that students have continuous and high-quality access to their personal computers as a learning tool at all times.

Optional Insurance Fee

The Insurance is designed:

CGPS has established an optional $50 Insurance Fee per year:

Damages exceeding $400/semester insurance coverage:

When a student has damages that are greater than the $400.00 per semester provided by the insurance, the student will be assessed a fine for the amount needed to cover the repair of the additional damage. The fine will also include an additional $25.00 to renew the insurance that will cover damages up to $400.00 within the current semester.  


What is covered under the insurance?

What is NOT covered under the insurance?

*All prices for replacement accessories are subject to change at the semester. Please see pricing table for replacement parts and accessories.

Insurance Fee Opt Out Option

Families who decide to opt out of paying the $50 insurance fee will be responsible for the full cost of any repair.

Loss of Computer

A fine of $400 will be assessed to replace any student’s personal computer that is reported as lost.  Student will lose at-home privileges for the new computer until the replacement fine has been paid.

Theft of Computer

If the computer is stolen, a formal Police Report must be filed with the Cape Girardeau Police Department within 48 hours.  A copy of the Report must be submitted to the building office.

Section 3:
Student Responsibilities & Discipline Rubric

Each student will be responsible for:

Excessive damage/Neglect:

Students are expected to take care of the school device and its accessories.

 If a student device, either under the optional insurance program or uninsured, is shown to have excessive damages, excessive number of damage incidents, or suspicion of neglect:

Second Semester Privileges:

Students who are on a daily loaner device due to excessive damages or neglect will have the opportunity to regain at-home privileges for second semester if insurance has been paid.  To regain these privileges students must attend a device care training session.  Upon completion of this training, the student will be required to review and train parents on the care procedures covered in the session.  Parents will be required to sign and return a device care contract before their student is allowed to regain at-home privileges of the device.  

Any damage to the device after regaining second semester at-home privileges will result in loss of at-home privileges for the remainder of the school year.

If a student transfers to Central Academy, the device is to be turned in at Central Junior High or at Central Senior High before transfer.

CGPS Behavior Rubric for 1:1 Initiative

(This rubric is a guide and consequences may differ depending on the severity of the incident.)

Behavior Rubric

1st consequence

2nd consequence

3rd consequence

4th consequence

Unprepared for learning including but not limited to: computer not in class; battery uncharged; carrying computer outside of sleeve

Teacher Warning

Teacher Consequence

After School Office Assigned Detention

Two After School Office Assigned Detentions

Refusal to follow directions including but not limited to:

using computer without permission; off-task computer work; eating and drinking near computer

Teacher Consequence

Teacher Consequence;

Possible Restriction of Technology Privileges

After School Office Assigned Detention

Two After School Office Assigned Detentions

Decorating/Defacing/ Damaging Computer

Marking on computer with any adhesive, writing utensil, etching; careless or purposeful mishandling of the computer

Saturday School; Financial


3 Days ISS;

3 School-Day Suspension of At-Home Computer Privileges; Financial


5 Days ISS;

5 School-Day Suspension of At-Home Computer Privileges; Financial


5 Days ISS;

Suspension of At-Home Computer Privileges for the Remainder of the School Year

Violation of acceptable use agreement  (reference Acceptable Use Agreement)

Saturday School

3 Days ISS;

3 School-Day Suspension of At-Home Computer Privileges

5 Days ISS;

5 School-Day Suspension of At-Home Computer Privileges

5 Days ISS;

Suspension of At-Home Computer Privileges for the Remainder of the School Year

Section 4:
Care and Maintenance

When using your computer at home or after school:

When moving about with your computer (from room to room and/or leaving school):

To maximize battery life:

During classes:

Computer troubles?



Cape Girardeau School District - Device and Electronic Information Resources


Electronic information resources and a computer computer are available to qualifying students in the Cape Girardeau School District. These resources include access to the computer, Internet, and other network files or accounts.  Our goal in providing technology to students is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication.


Internet access is coordinated through a complex association of government agencies as well as regional and state networks.  Worldwide access to computers and people may involve the availability of materials considered to be inappropriate, illegal or of no educational value.  On a global network, it is virtually impossible to control all materials.  However, through a filtering and monitoring system, the District has taken precautions to restrict access to inappropriate materials. Users who access, publish or attempt to access or publish inappropriate material or illegal Internet sites will be subject to discipline.  

The smooth operation of the network is dependent upon the proper conduct of the users who must adhere to strict guidelines, rules and regulations.  Such are provided so that student users are aware of the responsibilities they are about to accept.  In general, their responsibilities necessitate acceptable, ethical, and appropriate utilization of the electronic network resources.  

Terms and Conditions of this Acceptable Use Agreement:

Each student applying for an account will participate in a discussion with his or her sponsoring teacher regarding proper behavior and use of the network.  The student signature at the end of this Acceptable Use Agreement is legally binding.  The signature also indicates the student and parent/guardian have carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of appropriate use and thereby agree to abide.

1. Acceptable Use:   Acceptable use means that a student uses the computer, Internet and other electronic information resources in an appropriate manner, abiding by the rules and regulations as described in this agreement.  Students, who publish on the Internet, must abide by the approved publishing procedures and district guidelines, which include informing, and involving a content sponsoring teacher.   Students are responsible for the care of their computer and must report any damages immediately to the office.


2. Privileges:  The use of a student computer and electronic information resources is a privilege and not a right. Inappropriate use of these resources may result in disciplinary action (including the possibility of suspension or expulsion), and/or referral to legal authorities.  The principal, teacher/supervisor or systems administrator may limit, suspend or revoke access to the student computer and electronic resources at any time.

3. Network Etiquette:  Each student is expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of user etiquette. These rules include, but are not limited to, the following:

Be polite.  Never send or encourage others to send abusive messages.  Use appropriate language.  (Whatever is written, sent, or received on an isolated terminal has the potential to be viewed globally.)

Use electronic mail appropriately: no sales, advertisements or solicitations, etc..  E-mail is not guaranteed to be private. Everyone on the system has potential access to mail.  Parents or legal guardians may gain access to their student’s e-mail upon request.  Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities or inappropriate activities, as pertaining to this Acceptable Use Policy, must be reported to the principal, teacher/supervisor or systems administrator.


4. Unacceptable Network Use: 

Transmission or intentional receipt of any inappropriate material or material in violation of law or district policy is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; threatening or obscene material; material protected by trade secrets; commercial activities by for-profit institutions; use of product advertisement or political lobbying, including lobbying for student body office; the design or detailed information pertaining to explosive computers, criminal activities or terrorist acts; sexism or sexual harassment; pornography; gambling; illegal solicitation; racism;  inappropriate language.  Illegal or inappropriate activities, including games, use of the network in any way that would disrupt network use by others, or activities of any kind that do not conform to the rules, regulations and policies of the Cape Girardeau School District are forbidden.

5. Vandalism:  Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy property of the user, another user or of any other agencies or networks that are connected to the Network or the Internet system. Vandalism also includes, but is not limited to; intentional damage to the student computer, intentional damage to another student’s computer, abusive overloading of data on the server, or the uploading, downloading or creating of computer viruses.  Any engagement in network vandalism constitutes unacceptable use and will subject the student to appropriate disciplinary action.

6. Security:  Security on any computer system is a high priority because of multiple users. Do not use another individual's account nor log onto the system as the systems administrator. Any security concern must be reported to the principal, teacher/supervisor or systems administrator.

7. Privacy:     It is advised that students not reveal personal information, such as home address, phone numbers, password, credit card numbers or social security number, etc.  This also applies to the personal information of others or that of organizations.  When publishing on the Internet, students’ pictures should not be identifiable by name.  All data on the student computers is property of Cape Girardeau Public Schools and may be accessed by school personnel at any time.

8. Updating: Account changes such as phone number, location, or address must be reported by the account owner to the systems administrator.  

9. Service Disclaimer:  The Cape Girardeau Public School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. Cape Girardeau School District will not be responsible for any damages the student may suffer while on this system. These damages may include, but are not limited to loss of data as a result of delays, non- deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by the system or by student error or omission. Use of any information obtained via the information system is at the student’s own risk. Cape Girardeau School District specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy of information obtained through electronic information resources.

Student  Signature  of  Agreement:

Rules of conduct are described in this Secondary Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Cape Girardeau School District and apply when the electronic information system is in use. I understand any violations of the above provisions will result in the loss of my user account and may result in further disciplinary and/or legal action, including but not limited to suspension or expulsion, or referral to legal authorities.  I therefore agree to maintain acceptable standards and to report any misuse of the system to the appropriate teacher or administrator.  Also, should I choose to “publish” on the Internet, I will work under the guidance of a content sponsoring teacher.  

Misuse or violation of this agreement comes in many forms but can be viewed as any messages, information or graphics sent or received that include/suggest pornography; unethical or illegal solicitation; racism; sexism; inappropriate language; and/or other listings previously described in this user agreement. I agree to report any misuse of the electronic information resources to my principal, teacher/supervisor or systems administrator.

I have read this Acceptable Use Agreement and understand that Internet sites are filtered and that Internet use on my district computer may be monitored.  I hereby agree to comply with the above described conditions of acceptable use.  

Student Name (please print): _________________________________________ Grade: _____________

Student Signature: _____________________________________________          Date:  ______________

Revised 1-12-15