How to Write a Project Reflection

     This is an important step in the project process.  This is your chance to process and show your understanding of what you learned through this projects.  Reflection is where we grow as we identify strengths, areas for growth, and further interests.


Jot down your thoughts/ideas on a sheet of paper as you do the following: 

Reflect on your process: successes, problems, time efficiency, level of thinking, etc.

Did you accomplish what you intended?  Why or why not?

Think carefully about how you rate your work in each area.  

Write. . .

Create the first draft of a narrative End-of-Project Analysis.

Revise. . .

Evaluate its content and structure.  Make changes as necessary.

Edit. . .

Evaluate its fluency, conventions, and word choice.  Make changes as necessary.

Present. . .

Submit the final copy to your Project Team at Assessment.