"Now is the time for healing, for compassion and for understanding as we move together to a better future.”

Eric Kaler, University of Minnesota President

“I have nothing more to say.”

Abeer Syedah, University of Minnesota Undergraduate Student Body President, Social Justice Advocate

“It was really beautiful to hear the kids in my class say, “I'm ready to get going, to hit the streets, to organize.” You don’t see that often.”

Keaon Dousti, Student Organizer, First-Generation American

“The phrase “you matter” has become irrelevant in this country.”

Katessa Archer, Sexual Assault Advocate, Woman of Color

“Show up.”

Barbara Frey, University of Minnesota Professor, Human Rights Program Director 

“Take your emotions and energy and transform them constructively through the arts.”

Eric Carroll, University of Minnesota Professor, Husband 

“The world can only handle so much justice.”

Nick Alm, LGBTQ+, First-Generation Student, Compass CoFounder

“My opinion can simply be degraded because of who I am and who I was born as.”

Theo Menon, Member of College Republicans, Son of an Immigrant 

“Immigrants make America great.”

Ilhan Omar, First Somali-American Legislator in the Country, Refugee

Created by: Trish Palermo, Student Senate Chair, Human Rights Program Assistant, Daughter of an Immigrant